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can i spay my female kitten now?

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she was born in feburary 4th, 2006.
and she weighs about 3 pounds. she's the smallest kitten in that litter.

so, just wondering can she got spayed now?

thanx everyone.
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It's best to talk to your vet. Some prefer to wait until kittens are a little older, while others will do early spays where the kitten only needs to be 2 lbs. It's best to talk to a vet about the best time to do it, any benefits/problems of early spays, concerns you have, etc.
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Actually, every vet I've ever heard of will do a spay at 6 months, which is how old she is now. That is not an early spay. That is an on-time spay, and you'd best not wait any longer or she will go into heat. The reduction of the risk of mammary cancer is much much higher if the spay is done before her first heat, though it is still great no matter when you have it done.

I say, make an appt now.
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I have the appointment for spaying tomorrow.

Actually, she had her first heat 3weeks ago. and these days, I found blood-tinged discharge around her genital area, I guess it's open pyometra, but she looks good, still very active, no vomiting, no depression.

Can those blood-tinged discharge from her urethra orifice?
but I don't think she has problem of urinating outside the litter box or Frequent urination or straining...
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Good for you for taking your little girl in tomorrow and ensuring she is spayed at the appropriate age! You're doing the very best for your baby!

We are unable to diagnose the cause of this bleeding. It is unlikely that this is pyometra at this point, however, bleeding from any orifice is an immediate cause for alarm. Please notify your Vet.
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Got my kitten spayed today.

the doctor said she's in heat, he said some cats do have blood-tinged discharge when they're in heat.
Before, I only knew female dogs'd bleeding when they're in heat.
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It really doesn't happen often though. All the females I have had in heat have never bled even a little. Oh and spaying can be done at 2 lbs so there really is no reason to wait until 6 months. That is great that you got her spayed. Your cat is a great reason a lot of us are such fans of early spays. She was in heat and perfectly capable of becoming pregnant at under 6 months of age. That is why it makes no sense why some vets insist on waiting until 6 months and won't learn how to do it sooner. I would avoid vets like that. Too old fashioned for me. They need to get up to date with the times here
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