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last day of work!!!!!!!!!

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Last night was my last day of work -- Today at 5:45pm, I go in to sign papers and hand my badge over! No more working 12 hour nights! Yippee skippy!
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Good for you Tigger! I wish my hubby could quit his job. He is gone all the time. We have 2 small children that miss him so much. I know you will enjoy not working 12 hour days but you know that!
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You seem so happy, so I guess congratulations are in order!!
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This sounds weird to say it...but CONGRATS on your last day of work! Do you have another job or are you not going to work anymore?
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Tigger, I know you're happy to get away from that situation, but I'm wondering also about your new job. Do you need some time off? That would be great if you can afford it.
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Since I'm on an isp (involuntary severance plan), I'm on payroll for 8 weeks, meaning I get paid up upntil Sept. 9th, as if I'm on vacation -- I get my normal paychecks up until then. I want to find another job so I dont have to use that money.... that way it will go towards bills. I've called the temp services to let them know I want to wait for 2 weeks so i can adjust to days
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I know how much you disliked that job so congrats that it is over! I hope that you will get some great temp assignments! I am sure the cats will love having you home for the few weeks you are going to be taking off!
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Sounds like you will be much happier!!! Congrats!
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congrats Tigger! I'm jealous! LOL!
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