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need immediate advise on neighbors dog

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My neighbors are not home and their old dog has been at my house for the past couple of hours. We have had and will still have thunderstorms move through the area-he is afraid of storms. I walked him back to his property (he limps badly)-they have the side garage door open but he followed me back home. Right now he is laying in the front of the house-I have a very wide overhang so he won't get wet. I gave him some water. I ran over and checked and they are still not home. I don't want to go running over their during thunderstorms. He did lay in the back of the house for a while (in my newly spread topsoil!). I have bow windows and the cats are staring down at him or looking out the door.
I'm thinking I just leave him be until he decides to wander back home or they come home and call for him.
DH doesn't want him in garage as he smells quite badly and we don't know what he would do.
There is no animal control to call.
He comes over every now and then but usually goes home.
So do I just leave him be???
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As long as he is not wet and you did leave some water for him I would think he is fine for the time being! Hopefully your neighbors will come back home soon.
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I would leave him be. He obviously likes/trusts you, and being that he's outside he can't do anything bad except make your cats very very curious!

That is very kind of you to take care of somebody else's dog for them.

Why don't you go over and leave them a note on the door saying he's out back at your place, so they don't worry when they get home.
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Well they normally check here first as he hangs out her any chance he gets.
He is (unfortunately) an outdoor dog -a giant malmute and is super stinky!!
He is also at least 10 yrs old.. I just checked he moved and I don't spot him around the house hopefully he went back home.
OPPS!! typed to fast-DH just can in from the other garage and said he just saw him!!
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Why is their dog running loose in the first place I hope he didn't get hurt.
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Sending {{{protection prayers and vibes}}} for the poor dog - he must be so frightened. You might give him a small snack to keep him around - if he gets too scared by the thunder & lightning he may run off in a panic and get lost. Poor guy
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