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HELP OG stung by wasp

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hi, OG just came in with one shut watery eye and was panting. i checked him over and found a wasp in his chest
i had to pick it off him. he went immediately to the litter to poop, it was runny and not normal
then he just keeps pacing around and panting
he washed his eye, washed his bum
and keeps going from hiding place to hiding place.
he doesnt want me near him
the closest vet is 3 hours away.
i dunno what to do....the wasp is buzzing away in the bathroom
OG is panting under the bed, his eye is more open now
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Oh gee hang on someone will be along I'm sure to help you, the only thing I can say is maybe take the cat to the vet, I dont know to much about stings...Sorry hope the kitty's ok
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If the closest vet is three hours away, ring the vet and take detailed instructions on first aid. While you are doing that, get a friend or relative to carefully search in case there might be one closer than you don't know about yet.

Where exactly are you? (PM if you want) If no one nearer to you can help, I will see what I can do about finding a closer vet if possible.

But please ring the vet immediately, a vet anywhere. Tell them your situation and explain that you need urgent first aid advice.
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You really should go to the vet. Capture the wasp in a jar so that they know what kind of wasp the cat got stung with. OG needs the stinger removed, and if he is in distress and allergic to the sting, you can really get hurt when you try with tweezers to remove the stinger. If you have any type of antihistimane cream that will help, but since it involves the eye, you cat really needs a vet and shot to help combat the toxin. he is licking because he is in distress, please call the nearest vet and get him seen
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OG needs immediate professional care. Please, please get him help as soon as possible.
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HOORAY! OG is going to live, he's not allergic to wasps!
he's breathing normal again and is out and about, even came to eat and drink.
there was no stinger to remove, i killed the wasp and the stinger was still there. looks like he was stung two times that i know of, once on the jowels and in the chest. i gave him a ziplock of crushed ice in a sock to lay on.

whew! thanks for responding everyone, and for the kind offers to help locate a vet, even from across the ocean!
i know that there is no vet in this area, i live in the boonies at the end of the road. i would seriously have to drive 3 hours to the nearest one in dryden, ontario.

Yay for OG!
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I just pulled this thread again to say that I found a pet shop in Red Lake, but no vets - I tried ringing them but they were closed (I hoped they might be able to point me to a vet closer to you).

I'm glad everything looks ok - please call a vet though, and check if you should bring OG in in the morning.
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Thank you for updating about your little boy. I know you'll keep a very close eye on him and will get him medical attention if necessary.
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OG came out again for some lovins, he licked me a lot and i imagined him saying thanks, i made it, im ok now. his swelling is down and he ate and drank some more.
i searched the rest of his body for oddities, lumps n such and he seems to be clear, no other areas are hurting.
i suspect OG was hunting bees and wasps, or else he was out back and got near a nest.
wonder if he will want outside as much now...
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My persian cat once was stung and he had the same type of reaction that yours did. Only he continued to get worse quickly. Thankfully my vet was only about a 8 minute drive from my house.He was teated and came through fine. But as we know he is allergic to stings the vet tole me that if he is stung again to keep on hand Benadrly that has no addicitves.And if he is ever stung again to give him 1/4 teaspoon of benadrly and get him to his office ASAP. So it must be ok to give them benadrly as my vet said it was and recomended it. Just thought I would post this info so if anyone ever has this happen and their cat shows breathing distress this would help some untill you can get to a vet.
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that is good to know, thanks
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