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I am new

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:bat Hello all... i am new to this board. i have 2 kitties and they run me . i am so glad i found this
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Hi Whitewolfhawk (what a cool name)

What are your kitties called?

This is such a great site - I'm only relatively new, but am BADLY addicted to it.

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my kitties are Melyssa and Pharaoh, they are both wild cats that i have tammed. they are loves. Pharaoh is a mix of cat and coone. Melyssa is a long haired gray and white, that i found on the side of the road about a month ago, brought her home to die. and she is doing very well now.
i do not know what i would do without them.
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful that you took these babies in to your home. The rescued ones always have such a special bond with us. Feel free to join in any of our discussions. Everyone here is so very nice, I'm sure you'll be very comfortable here. Hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome tothe site and I look forward to hearing more about your furbabies. We love pics here so post them if you can!
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whitewolfhawk, Welcome to the CatSite. I like your name too. Is it Native American? It's great that you have adopted two feral cats. It takes time to socialize them, as well as patience, but I'm sure it was worth it. I'll look forward to your posts and pictures!
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