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Litter training an adult cat...

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Hi all! I'm new to this site but not new to cats!

My boyfriend and I have recently acquired a stray cat that we believe has always led an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. While we're (ahem... I) actively trying to find his owner we've also decided that if after a week no one has claimed him we'll keep him as our own as an inside only cat. (He's declawed up front).

My problem is that I need help trying to litter train him!

Any cats we've had before we litter trained them as kittens by locking them in the room where their box is (with some food) but I can't really do that here- at least without feeling incredibly guilty- because right now his litter box is in our 1/2 bathroom and it's extremely tiny. He shows absolutely no interest in the box- I've tried calling him from around the house to the box then I scratch the litter and he just looks at me like I'm crazy! I've spent more time rooting around in there than he has!

Right now I let him outside to go potty and he hasn't had any accidents in the house yet. I DO know not to scold him or anything since it's pointless, but I can't even get him interested so I can reward him!

Any suggestions?!
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First of all if he's declawed he should NOT be allowed outside without supervision.

And because he's declawed he may not like the feel of the litter on his feet. Outside is sand or dirt with is softer. You'll have to find a litter similar to that to use in the litter pan. Then confine him to one room and watch him - if you can catch him outside going and get some of the poop to put in the pan (his own scent) that will help.
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You can try Cat Attract litter or, if all else fails, you can use organic potting soil and then gradually add kitty litter each time you scoop out used soil. Eventually your cat will be using pure kitty litter.
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Almost all of my cats started out as ferals and each one has had to spend at least one full night in the kitty playpen cage I have with their food, water and a litter box so I know they know what the box is for.
I think a little time in your small bathroom with all his needs taken care of would be perfectly fine along with the other suggestions you've had he should be a happy litter box user in not time.
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You really have to not let him outside anymore. I agree with GoldenKitty, keep him in and find a softer litter, be it potting soil if necessary.
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Thanks everyone! JD's real owner actually came and picked him up the other night He is their indoor/outdoor cat so I'm sure he will be back. He definetely did not want to leave here- it was kind of funny actually!

On the bright side of things he did end up peeing in the box twice while he was here! So at least I know he knows how to use it!
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