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A Humble Hero has died....

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Please join me in sending prayers and vibes for comfort and healing to the family, clients & friends of a very special lady, who was the case worker for the developmentally disabled. She was tragically killed in a car crash this weekend.
My daughter is very upset over this - their annual review of my daughter's case was scheduled for next week. My daughter counted this wonderful lady as one of her friends - the annual visit is one of the few visits my daughter will ever have in a entire year.
No, G.'s clientele were not famous nor rich; she didn't serve celebrities, athletes or other exciting or much-adored people. She dealt with the underserved, those people who weren't given much to work with, or have had what they were given taken away (stroke survivors, car crash victims, babies who had oxygen deprivation during difficult births, etc.). But she had spunk, compassion, courage to fly in the face of authority to get things done on behalf of her clients; she had an open heart, open ears & and open mind.She bravely survived breast cancer with a wonderful, hopeful attitude; she was such an inspiration for the families who daily deal with the problems and heartaches of their disabled loved ones.
Fly swiftly home, dear G - and hear those wonderful words from Him, "Well done, good & faithful servant"
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I am sorry for your loss, a friend like that is irreplaceable.
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I am so sorry for your loss, your daughter's loss - and indeed, it is a loss for the world.

Rest in peace, humble hero.
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People like her are always taken too soon. May she rest in peace and my prayers are with you, your daughter and everyone that knew her.
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Thank you for your kind responses. I told my daughter that I would post this on TCS, and she got great comfort from this. Both she & my grandson love reading the posts here; they look over my shoulder often when I am checking out Feline SOS & Crossing the Bridge. It is so heartening to know that there are people who really care. Again, thank you.
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I am deeply sorry for your loss and I have all of yall in my thoughts and prayers
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Many thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm very sorry for your loss, and the loss of a great lady. Sounds like another angel was called to heaven too soon.

While we hear about the celebrities and the athletes and the rich, the everyday humble heros make just as much of a difference in people's lives - most of the time much more of a difference because they are there day to day. G. had a calling to help those who needed her, she didn't need news headlines to know that what she did meant as much to the world as being a UN Goodwill Ambassador. The world is missing a great person, whether they knew of her or not. Thank you for sharing her memory and her heart with us.
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I am sorry to hear, It is always so sad to lose a person who goes out there way to help others.
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It is tragic what happened to your dear friend. She indeed sounded like someone I would have held deeply to my heart if I were to have known her. She is infact someone I admire. I will not only pray for you, and ofcourse those who knew her well, I will spread the word in my town.
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With a developmentally disabled aunt and a father who has devoted his live to developing economic models to mainstream the developmentally disabled I know how rare and special this lady was. I grieve not only for her family but for everyone whose lives were touched by her. All will be in my prayers.

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Heven has a very special place for people like this. Words tend to fail me when I learn of the death of a true hero.
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