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tangerine's first weekend of tube feeding

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AAAHHH - what a nerve wracking thing!! Really. if everyone is up to date on poor tanny... just a quick history. 1 1/2 months ago he was screaming in pain blocked... rushed to vet and he was blocked. Kept in the hospital for 1 week where he blocked twice. Did the surgery to open his urethra (poor boy), and came home. He was unhappy and his two sisters have been rotten to him. Couple days later, come down with nasty nasty infection, again rushed to vet... this time kept... FOR 3 WEEKS. He blocked up again due to all the infection, here comes surgery #2, then he develops fatty liver disease. He basically has kitty anorexia.. I don't have much money, but vet is great with payment plan... at this point i really just wanted to put him down... the vets asked me not to (tanny's 2 years old), as they think he will survive and they went so far as to NOT CHARGE ME.. I owe them a substantial amount (about 2,000) and then they stopped charging. It's not the money, i just feel bad for his quality of life.
Anyhow, after becoming used to the vets, I brought him home saturday and boy that was rough. I feed him 70 ccs of food through a tube in his eshogus 3 times a day, he gets vitamins, water, and meds also through the tube.
He's been doing well until last night, he threw it all up... i think his father fed him too fast (i am main feeder). I am anxious and just want him to get well, but his sisters are just awful. I don't know if i should separate them or not.
Well, tanny goes to the bathroom wherever he feels like it, and I just feel depressed sometimes looking at him.
I love him so much that I feel this is terrible to be putting him through.
on a good note... he has started to show a little interest in real kitty food...

Anyone out there share my pain... also do you think i should separate the kittys and give tanny his own bedroom and keep him there. I just think he is so unhappy!
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Hes been through alot. I do think untill he is well that he would do best by himself in his own room and not being bullied by the other cats. This would stress him out more then he is and would hinder his getting well. Sending get well vibes to him.I pray he gets well soon.
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First let me just say: God bless your vet.

Seperating Tangerine from his sisters is probably best for him at the moment - they don't mean to be mean, but he smell's like a vets to them, and he could do without the stress.

Poor lovebug.

Thanks for the update, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.
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Thanks for your guys replies. I did seperate them last night. Tanny seems really happy in his own room.
I set him up in there and also gave him a "buffet" of food, including canned pumpkin and baby food (i read that on this forum). Also sprayed phermones all over the house too.
My vets are very expensive usually, but they really just wanted to get him home and be healthy. They are learning a lot from him.

I just really cross my fingers that he starts eating on more on his own. I really want him to be well...
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I believe that your vet would not have asked you to continue treatment if Tangerine didn't have a chance and wasn't a good patient. I'll bet he's easy to handle and medicate. Temperment has a lot to do with whether some animals are treated or not. If they fight against it with every ounce of strength, sometimes it's a kindness to let them go. I think you're lucky he's managable and you have a choice whether to treat him. Sounds like you have a good vet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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Originally Posted by tangerine
I just really cross my fingers that he starts eating on more on his own. I really want him to be well...
Me too - fingers crossed. Please keep us updated, and give your baby a kiss from me.
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