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I just went to were I work at and requested a transfer and I got it. I have to work where I am now until they get my replacement but I am going to a different facility which is actually down the street from where I work at and I will be switching from night shift to second shift and I will get to keep my pay I am at now with my shift differental plus their shift differental which will give me a 50 cent raise. And I will not be working with that mean nurse anymore only bad thing is I really like my coworkers but I have been there a year and a half and I haven't gotten a raise. And I just can't do it anymore. That and some of my relatives are my patients and I can't handle that any longer. Woohoo. I am so happy I could do cartwheels. No more up all night I will get off at 10 pm so I will be able to sleep at night and be up early in the morning so I can enjoy my life a bit and on my days off I will be rested instead of wanting to sleep and that way I will be able to go out on those days and work on getting my drivers liscences and I wore my new shirt and it looked really nice on me which might have helped me to give a good impression. I am sooo happy. Please pray that I do a good job and I make new friends at this other nursing home and that I am happy there. Cause its alot nicer of a nursing home. And just maybe I can start college so I can get my training needed to become a registered nurse.
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Congratulations!! It is always awesome when you get a raise isn't it!!

Good luck with becoming an RN as well. My best friend is an RN and loves it. Plus that is where all the money is...LOL
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Congratulations on accomplishing a very important goal! Sending prayers and vibes for much happiness & lots of successes in your new location! You will be an asset wherever you work and will be a wonderful RN! Thank you for sharing your joy
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You also might want to check into continuing education opportunities offered by your company. Many employers will offer to pay for school, if you keep a minimum GPA and agree to work for them for a designated length of time.

My son just graduated from college this past May. The company that he started working for in April is going to pay for half of the cost of hos Masters. Unbelievable considering that he has been there for such a short time.
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Congrats I hope all goes good for you!
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I am so happy they called and said I can have tonight off so I can start tomorrow and so hopefully I will be able to work on some stuff so I can start college very soon. I am soo happy. Thanks for all the good vibes
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