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The Cat Across The Street

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So, my neighbors went away on Friday morning, and they asked me if I could watch after their cat who is a little over a year old.

I went over Friday morning and couldn't find him. Because he isn't only a indoor cat, I looked all through the house, in the back yard, and in the front yard. I did this 4 or 5 times in just that day. On Saturday, I went over to check on him and did another thorough search in the morning. I then went to my dad's for a weekend. ( I'm only 13) I had my mom check on him around 7 that night. NO LUCK. I had my stepsister whos 7 years old and loves to do things for other people, go over and look for him. Then my mom and her went over again later. When I got home from my dad's house, I checked very very thoroughly but there was still no luck of him.

I went around to some neighbors who know him. One nieghbor said that he usually comes over everyday but he hadn't been around for the past few days and they were getting worried about the cat as well.

So, this morning, I went over and searched outside, and then inside. I couldn't find him, as I thought I wouldn't. As I was walking down the driveway, to my surprise, I saw the kitty peering azt me THROUGH THE CAR WINDOW!!! So, I grabed him, hugging him, cheering, but shaking. I brought him into the house where I brought him to the food I had left for him incase he was inside when I couldn't find him. I also brought in his outside food (I put that outside when I couldn't find him). He got well fed and drank well, too. I spent some time with him, and now he has a great bond with me, followign me around whereever I go. He knows I saved his life.

At first I was going to bring him to the vet, but he got a good gut, after not having food and water, and having a lot of heat for over three days. I cleaned up some of his waste form the car. He seems OK now. I check on him a lot.

Just felt like sharing that I guess!
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Oh that kitty is soooooooo lucky you saw him in the car!
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How did he get into the car? Poor Kitty! I am glad he is safe and sound now. Just keep an eye on him that he isn't sick form the heat. He is one lucky kitty!!
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I would call his vet and see if they think you should come in. Cats are good at hiding their pain.

You should probably restrict him indoors-only while his humans are away.

Good for you for being so persistant!
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Yes, I am restricting him form the outdoors until his parents get home.

I'm assuming the kids opened the door, left it opewn for a while(like they always do) and then closed it with out paying attention.

I actually just talked to his mommy. She was so grateful that I was there for him.
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Hurray that you kept up your search and RESCUE! In the summer heat, his situation was soo critical - you are really this cat's guardian angel I think that is is cute, how he follows you around - you are his hero! Congratulations
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That's one lucky kitty to have had you looking out for him! Seems as if he knows it, too.
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Oh thank you for saving him!!
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You're the kitty hero of the week. I am so glad you found him in time and saved him.
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Bless your heart! Your persistence paid off!
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Just a little up date on the kitty...

He was very skinny when I found him Monday morning (yesterday)
never see him drink but his has water in any dish he could want ( didn't knowif he was picky:a drinking glass, a bowl, and his regular water dish)

He always runs to eat with me next to him when I walk in the door (about 4 times a day)
He'll be fine!!!!!!!!!
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