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Resident Cat jealous and pouting over new kitty

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My resident cat, Mongo, who's 2, won't stop pouting about the new kitty in the house. Lazer is 5 mos. and he's been with us for 2.5 weeks now. Mongo, who is usually a total momma's boy and extremely loving, has been giving me the silent treatment and pouting, and it seems to be getting better, then worse, then better, then worse.

I've showered him with attention, which can be hard because Lazer tries to get in on the fun too, and done everything I possibly can to let him know he's still my guy, but still he pouts. If Lazer is in my lap, he will sit beside me and pout, on the bed, Lazer will get right in my face, and Mongo will lay at the foot of the bed, and pout.

So how long does this normally go on for? The two cats seem to like each other, Lazer more so than Mongo, but I just can't take this silent treatment!
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I am really hoping someone would answer your question because I am in the same situation! I think Sebastian is jealous but seems to like the kitten.

Hopefully someone will have some insight...hang tight...everyone here is always very nice and helpful
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Did you do a slow introduction? I have found that to be the best way to avoid all these problems.

If not, I would go back and try one.

Poor Mongo. He's probably upset and afraid Lazer will take his place in your heart.
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Well, Nepenthe my older cat was very used to being the only cat until I got Naraku. Let me tell you, Neppy was not happy at all. She wouldn't let me near her, she wouldn't sleep next to me, I got toys out and tried to play everyday with her and she simply walked away. I believe she continued to act this way for about 3 months but then finially setteled into having another cat around. I think it finially sunk into her head that she wasn't going to be the only kitty anymore and that Naraku wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon.

Now after a year she doesn't mind Naraku as much but they aren't the best of friends. But she at least comes up to me and lets me pet her and play with her and that makes me very happy.

I hope for your sake your cat warms up to the idea faster then mine. Cats are different and as long as you are persistant with showing how much you care for her and give her the attention she needs she will eventually come back around to you. Cats are very stubborn when they want to be. lol
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It's been about a month with Pixel experiencing other felines in her home, her turf. She started off hissing all the time, day and night, whenever I pet her even, she let's me know she's peeesed. It's still more of the same all the time. But she is slowly adapting.

All kinds of whining and sounds I've never heard from her--she even took a clawless swat at ME! I was impressed her claws weren't out because if they would have been it would've hurt--she really smacked me.

But she's upset. I have three weeks ago or so started fostering kittens in one room of the house. Two nights ago, I released the two kitten-boys into the general house space, removing them from the foster kittens. They have their own food bowls and litter pans but to Pixel it's like all hell has been loosed.

I can see her making progress though. Refuse to give your first cat a hard time about it. I find it hard that she keeps this up and just won't cool it but I can see sloooow progress being made.

All you can do is be extra extra reassuring about it.

There is a lot of good reading in here about how to introduce a new cat so do a search and see how others are / have handled it. It's all drama.
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