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Yet another dilemma at work but bigger!

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So I have been having a very stressful few months at my work as most of you know.....now here's some more to add.....

So today we got a new child named Ben(changed name). Ben has down syndrome. He cannot walk or talk and doesn't respond to his name. He is the SWEETEST little boy though. He's very cuddly and loveable. The problem with this though is that no one in our school is trained to handle special needs children. We don't know how to get him to communicate or anything. We cannot handle 21 normal children(we have gotten 5 new kids in the past 2 weeks) let alone a special needs child. I am sure that the mother is very nice but wouldn't you want the best for yor child by taking him to a place where he will learn to talk and walk? Ben is so sweet but this stresses the three of us out even more.....

UGH! Sorry, I just needed to vent.....
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I agree that you need someone who knows how to handle a special needs child. Perhaps you can talk to your director about this.
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I thought that a teacher or caregiver had to be trained accordingly to work with special needs kids. Also, not sure specifically about downs syndrome, but 21 months and not walking seems late by any means. Does your facility have rules about the kids they accept? I know some places will not take kids that are in diapers... and I would be worried, because I'm almost positive the laws are different for special needs kids as far as how many caregivers you must have per children... if 1 person has to carry this child around, then who is watching the additional 21? That's 10-11 kids per adult if 1 adult has to carry this child. I would look into the legality of it.... for the childs sake, for your sake, and for the sake of the other children. Working with special needs kids is a very spiritually enriching experience provided you are equipped to care for them. I have worked with kids with autism in the past, and while it is very challenging, it is SO rewarding.
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He can walk but with assistance. It is difficult. I feel terrible for him and my director said that we would try it. Another one of our daycares has 2 special needs children but I too thought that you had to be speciically trained for this.
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Are you in Pa? Is he enrolled in the EArly INtervention program?
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It could depend on the state laws. But I agree, regardless if its law or not, a special needs child should be in a place that can handle special needs.

Perhaps the parents can't afford a special needs daycare?
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats
Are you in Pa? Is he enrolled in the EArly INtervention program?
No I'm in Ohio. And I do know that he goes to a school during the school year but I don't know what happens there and he does have speech therapy on Tuesdays.
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So now we have another new child starting on monday and my director only wants to move two of my children up a room. ONLY TWO! We have trouble with 22 kids and one is the special needs child. She needs to move up more than one kid. This is the final straw. I have to find another job before I completely lose my mind. My director just doesn't have the logic to run a daycare center and I cannot take it anymore.
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