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turn your volume up.
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Murfins, that was such a beautiful song & video. Beautiful in giving a voice that alerts all our ears to hear the meows, whines & barks for our help. IF we can get people to hear it, their heart will be opened to do the right thing. I'm not talking about impulse adoptions, but the true change of heart, like what happens when a bitter old man meets just the right child -
When my oldest daughter was a toddler, we didn't have a car & had to walk by an old man's trailer. The man was notorious for coming out & yelling for everyone & anyone to stay away from his fence. Just inside the fence was an apricot tree, and one year, just loaded with apricots, which were falling on the ground. My daughter broke loose from my grasp & darted over to snatch an apricot up. As I was yelling at her to drop it & get away, the man came out & yelled at us. But she looked up at him calmly and said, "I'm not on the fence." and I told her,"but those are his apricots". And still looking at him, she asked, "Didn't God make the apricots". And the man looked at me, then at her, then snarled at me, "She's right - those are God's apricots & that's God's child - she can have all the fruit she wants. And dont' you try to stop her - she's got my permission, got it!?" And later on, he stopped us one afternoon & gave her some overripe zucchinis & told her,"Tell her(meaning me her mom) to make you some good zucchini bread" and snapped at me, "Don't tell me you don't bake, either, every good mother makes good zucchini bread! I'm just an old man - I don't bake" and when I assured him I would, and would bring him some, too, he told me to just leave him alone - he didn't eat zucchini bread anymore. HE could be so crotchety, but inside was a real gentleman So, I think that many people are the same way about cats - they're really cat lovers, they just havent realized that yet
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