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Camping what do you take?

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I am on a roll this week by making new threads arent i?

I am going camping in 2 weekends, since I have never been before what do I take with me appart from toiletpaper, shampoo, clothes and sleeping bag?

I really hope we ar going to a place where they have showers and toilets, no way am I going to dig a hole to wee!
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I couldn't help you w/ this ..because I am a girly girl and I would not be able to go camping ....I couldn't survive w/out my hair dryer and I couldn't sleep outside with the bugs
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Camping's fun!
Take a warm sleeping bag and a comfy sleeping mat. I'm assuming you're not going to be hiking in for miles to get to the camp site, so go for comfort on the mat as you don't have to worry about how heavy it is.
I always bring headache pills, and after bite stuff for the insects.
Extra socks too.
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We are sleeping in a tent, you just reminded me i need to take my insect repellant!
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Sunscreen!!! a battery powered radio. FOOD!!
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i am bringing my mp3 player, apparently we may go fishing
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We go camping all the time. My sister and her husband have a really really nice tent and an air mattress that fits perfectly in it.
If you're going longer than one night, you'll want an air mattress. You can get them pretty cheap and the many times I've been camping on just a roll and a sleeping bag Id've killed for an air mattress.

Oh, and if you're going somewhere where you've actually reserved a campsite, a state park, or really most places, you'll have a bathroom (usually showers) and toilets. The places that don't are very well marked and very remote, like Isle Royale or something... or girl scout camp.

Have fun!!!

Put your tent somewhere that'll be in the shade in the morning.
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Fran, I could tell you but you won't want to hear. My friends tease me but I bring everything. Propane stove - because I cook when I'm camping the same as at home, my spices, all condiments, bacon & eggs for every morning's breakfast (1 lb. of bacon for each breakfast), meat for every dinner and veggies - you get the idea.

My suggestion is to find out who all is going, plan your meals whether it be hot dogs or whatever and decide who will be in charge of bringing various needs. Utensils and pots and pans for cooking and eating, paper towels, towels, wash cloths, toothpaste and toiletries. You'll definitely want your bug spray and sun screen. You also want to make sure you bring warmer clothes for the evenings plus warm socks.

Make a list - believe me this is worth it. We are going to a chalet next month and I have 2 lists already - what to bring and what we will be stopping and buying before arrival. We are taking both cats so I need to make sure I take supplies (litter, food, dishes, harnesses, etc.) for them as well.
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Citronella. Something to sit under if it rains, like a tarp or screen room. A chair for sitting by the campfire. Maybe sticks to stick in the fire to roast hot dogs or marshmellows. Matches or lighters to start the fire. A tablecloth for the picnic table. Something to carry your stuff to and from the shower with.
Towels Longsleeve stuff to wear at night. FLASHLIGHT. Books.
don't bring anythinjg you don't want to get stained.
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Here are a few things that come to mind, excluding food items:

clothes- include an extra outfit or two
socks & underwear
tennis shoes and flip flops (flip flops to wear in the shower)
first aid kit (don't forget band aids, allergy medicine, and headache medicine)
shampoo/ conditioner
hair brush & hair ties
bug repellent
wet wipes (baby wipes, they come in handy)
citronella candles
flash light
sleeping bag
air matress
trash bags
plastic cups, plates, spoons, forks, knives, etc.
paper towels
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Wow i didnt think it was so much hassle
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Fran, what about a laptop??? I mean, are you going to go a whole weekend without being on TCS?!?!?!?!
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Originally Posted by fwan
Wow i didnt think it was so much hassle
Hah! We managed to include everything but the kitchen sink!! You will have fun though. Atleast someone will take you! Lee said he will NEVER take me camping becuase I am a sissy!!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
Fran, what about a laptop??? I mean, are you going to go a whole weekend without being on TCS?!?!?!?!
Well, lately i havent been on TCS THAT much...

My new "bf" is taking me camping when he comes back from Italy He has been heaps of times, but im not sure if i can trust him with us going! He will obviously forget something!!

Well, you see... I told him that i dont want to eat off the grill all the time, i want to go to a cafe` and eat... He kind of looked at me odd!!

I'm just paranoid that there will be snakes and spiders like in australia!
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ummm yeah, snakes & spiders??? your waaaaaaay braver than me!!!
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Apparently spiders and snakes arent around this camping place, but after living in australia, i even believe that there are crocodiles in the frankfurter river !!
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The last time we went camping, which was a couple of months ago, my fiancé and his son ended up swimming in the spring with an alligator. It was a small one, about 4 feet long. His son got out of the water as fast as he could, my fiancé kept swimming! I would have been out of the water FAST!

Not to worry you, Fran
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we dont have alligators, sharks, or crocodiles in germany........

i think?
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