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3 month old kittens have diarrhea

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I am curious if you any of you have had the same problem I have. Here is my story.

My wife and I adopted two 8 month old brothers (Tigger and Tommy) from a local Vet. A week later we bought 2 kittens at a pet store (I know, I know). Turns out one of the younger kittens (Benjamin) developed Distemper and almost died. But $2000+ later he was saved (worth every penny, you have to see him) but then one of our bigger ones contracted the same virus from Ben. He was saved as well. Right now my concern is the little ones, Benjamin and Molly. They were on heavy medication for prevention and to rid the virus from their bodies and I am afraid it may have taken their toll on their intestinal walls. The vet has checked them out and said they are fine. No bacteria in their stools. These two are growing like weeds and they have more energy than I have I have ever seen in any kittens. This can be proven by my lack of sleep since we got them (wife sleeps right through the raucous, don't know how). Right now they are on:

Innova EVO dry
Innova EVO canned

All 4 of our cats are on this and their coats are so shiny and vibrant. The energy levels of all 4 are insane so I know the quality of the food is outstanding. I am sure the medication wreaked havoc on their system (were taking Metronidazole and Sulfa-Trim) Anyone ever had constant diarrhea with their kittens? I am thinking the EVO may be too rich for their system for nowand I may try another holistic brand like Natural Balance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I agree--- I think the foods are too rich. Try adding a little canned pumpkin to their food. You could also talk to the vet about adding some pro-biotics to their diet. The anti-biotics they were on, undoubtably killed ALL of the bacteria in their tummies good or bad, and now they are lacking the "good" bacteria. Ask your vet what is safe for them.

PS- where are the pics!!!!
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LoL....yes they were on Nutra-Lac (good bacteria product from a company in Montreal, Canada) and I have now put them on Holistic Solution from Eagle Pack, it looked like it was about to work then the diarrhea came back.

Pictures will be uploaded soon! Thanks for the advice.
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How long have they had diarrehea (sp) ? It's not violent is it? I mean its just runny, not bloody or too frequently or anything like that?
Make sure they get plenty of water! Kittens can dehydrate so quickly- which can lead to big problems.
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its been like this for about 3 weeks now...it will be a mix of firm and pudding type. Mostly diarrhea. I hear it is common in Kittens and considering what they have been through I'm not really surprised. I know people and vets that have told me cats can have diarrhea for years and be well. I'll keep you posted on their progress. Thanks!
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pro and pre biotics may help but likely wont since they are on antibiotics... talk to the vet about pumkin to ensure no interaction... Eagle pack wet is good but three vets ( two holistic ) have said no way to the dry ... You also shouldnt switch while there sick.... maybe try the evo dry moistened with noe canned??
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Check to make sure they aren't dehydrated with all that diarrhea going on.
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Hey guys thanks for the help.

Right now I am pretty sure its the Innova EVO. Probably being the richest in protein on the market it could be that's why they are getting diarrhea (they eat both wet and dry). When they were on mixed brands (testing to see what they liked) this wasn't a problem. I will wait out the 4-6 week period so they can adjust to it. The older kittens have no probelm with the EVO.
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Well it turns out it was the EVO which is rich in high quality protein. We switched from the Dry Evo to Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul which has Ground Brown Rice in it to help bind the stool. We are still giving them a little bit of the Wet EVO with some canned pumpkin to help bind the stool as well. So far so good, solid stools from both of the little ones. Thanks for all your help guys.
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Wow, so glad you got that straightened out. Its no fun when you've got kitties with diarrhea.

Tip'n Proffy's mum, Anjya
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