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Anterior Knee Pain

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Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? I was about 2 years ago and they offered physical therapy but it was guarenteed to help since there are several causes of it. Well my knees have been bothering me off and on a lot since the diagnosis. I have done some research online and found ouot it could even be caused by arthritis (it runs in my family big time). I know 21 is young to have arthritis so I am hoping that that isn't why.

I guess my question is does anyone have anything that will help the pain other than meds and a knee brace?
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Yes I know Arthritis at 21 seems young however if it runs in your family PLEASE talk to a Dr. about it so you can get on meds that will help it so it does not control your life. I had a 3 year old cousin who was dig. with childhood arthritis and his parents did the meds for awhile and decided the Drs. were wrong and they stoped his meds and by the time he was 23 he could barely hold anything and walk somedays. So PLEASE if it does run in your family and your already having knee issues just have it checked. No harm in that!

I hope your knee feel better soon!
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I forgot what I was originally gonna post lol EPSON SALT soak in a warm bath with Epson Salt it does wonders for pain. I dont know how it works but it does!!
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Oh Brandi, that totally sucks to be in pain. I have no advice for you..just get better soon vibes...
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I went to the Doc and told him how it runs in my family. He kinda shrugged it off. But then I was 19 and didn't really think that it would affect me for long. I am thinking about making another appointment with my new doc to see what they can do for me!
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Does icing it help??? One of my BIL's (he 58) has severe knee pain even after getting knee scoped. He has some sort of brace that has a tub running into a pail of icy water that circulates around the brace.
DH had his knee scoped a few years ago due to pain (he injuried it waay back in HS) The ortho surgeon cleaned out some arthritis and its been much better. They had a fiber optic tube in his knee and took pictures while doing the surgery. Plus he takes glucosomine tablets every day for yrs too.
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I haven't iced it down yet. We are going riding again tonight so I am sure I will have some more pain and I will try an icepack on it. I really never thought about icing it down! Thanks
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I take it you've had an arthroscope? What was the prognosis?
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