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Hi! I have a female, spayed, 2 1/2 yr old who has been doing the same behaviour as Dasiy. Her name is Awol, she is a rescue from a wild litter. She started out dragging 1-2 socks over the past couple of years, now this year she has expanded her "litter" to approx 8-10, some times more. And she normally did the 1-2 sock thing for a night or two, now its been over a week.

What Awol does though is make this really loud noise in the middle of the night when she gets close to our room. She leaves her "litter" in the hallway outside the bedroom door, which we leave open. She actually wakes me up in the middle of the night with the noise she makes when she has them in her mouth. The noise is a deep and loud, cry almost. She is a very happy cat and gets along very well w/ the only other pet in the house, a dog. They play, sleep together and she grooms him. She is not a noisy cat either. She doesnt make too many noises.

Does Daisy make noises in the middle of the night when she brings her lil' ones upstairs? I never thought about leaving the babies in the hallway where she put them, or even considered that might upset her, by moving the "crop circles". Good info to know. Hopefully Awol doesnt graduate to shirts and underwear, etc....haha.
Thanks for the good info, I thought our Awol was going a notch crazy!!