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Fur feels oily

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Hello I have been switching Ping over to Chicken Soup. We are about to the point of it being mostly Chicken Soup with a little of the old food (both dry food btw). Well /I have noticed his fur running down his back is more oily. Do you think this is food related and should I give him a bath.
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He doesn't necessarily need a bath, he'll clean up on his own. You could wipe him down with a damp cloth if it's really bothering you.

I think there are two food-related reasons for this:
the first is when you feed a cat a low-quality food, they tend to have slightly smelly oily coats.
the second is *when you switch from a low-quality food to a high-quality food, their little bodies detox and the body adjusts to having better nutrition, and an oily coat is a part of this. It should subside with time.

As with any weird symptom, make sure you watch him closely for anything else that could indicate a different problem (behavior changes, litterbox problems, etc).

*I think it's this one.
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