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Kitten Peeing

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My two new kittens are gorgeous in every way but one. Both of them pee on my comforters. There are 3 bedrooms in our house and all 3 comforters/duvets have now been peed on! What do I do to stop them doing it? They were in our bedroom with us all night and were fine then my new little girl jumped on the bed and did it! We told her no and put her straight in her litter box.

None of the other boys have ever peed on it so they aren't marking over it. Their litter boxes are plentiful and clean, they use them at all other times. I'm so infuriated and sick of washing the duvet!

If anyone has any advice on why they're doing it and more importantly, how to stop it (other than buy blankets!) I'd really apprecitate it.

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How many litter boxes do you have in the bedroom? Is it possible the girls just don't like using the litter box your males use? Do they use one specific litter box in the house?

If they are doing it on your comforters then you shouldn't let them near any of the beds. Keep them closed off from the bedrooms. If you take the kittens into the bedroom and one wants to jump up on the bed immediatly put her in the litter box. I'd say your best bet though is to keep them from the bed all together until they are 100% litter trained.

The only time my girl doesn't use the litter box is when there is something wrong (when she had her UTI or when her litter box was just too stinky).
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How old are they? If they are still really young, they probably shouldn't have full run of your hosue yet. If they are a little older then I will ask how many litterboxes you have? You should have multiple all over the place so they get the idea. Where are the boxes at right now? Are they near the bed? If not, I think there is your answer...put one right by the bed.
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Thanks everyone. I think perhaps I'm just expecting a bit much for the babies. They're only just about to turn 12 weeks old.

We have 5 boxes around for 4 cats and they're all cleaned at least once a day and the kittens will happily use any of them.

Each of the comforters have been peed on now and it's not just one kitten doing it - they've each done it and always on a different comforter. I guess it's just a good place to go when you're a kitten!

Is it that I'm expecting to much from them?
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Are they down comforters? One of my cat's thinks its her job to pee on our down comforter. We solve that by only giving her supervised visits to the bedroom and we added a duvet cover, which seems to have helped. Maybe because it's has a really silky smooth texture?

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I don't think you are expecting too much from them, but you need to have multiple litterboxes. One box per cat and one extra. And if there isn't one in the room where they are peeing, then put one there.
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They're all down comforters and I have covers on them all.

Short of getting rid of the comforters is there any way to stop them doing it? They only do it while we're watching too which seems strange. this morning we'd let them into the bedroom, the little girl jumped on the bed, purred for a while, played a little then peed!
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My Anya is 12 weeks old and has never gone anywhere but her litter box. Of course she is also the only cat in our apartment and doesn't have the confusion of other cat smells.

I believe she was forced into being independent early too because her mom got really sick at the shelter right after they were dropped off and her and her brothers and sisters were kind of orphaned. All kittens are different though. Some just take a little more attention and patience. Hang in there. It'll happen. And all the sugestions above like closing off the bedrooms, and providing more litter boxes are all good.
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Can you please tell us how many litterboxes you use and where they are located? Can't be much help until we know that
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As I said in my previous post we have 5 boxes and 4 cats. They use the boxes happily but the kittens seem to like to pee on the down comforters. I don't really want to spend the next 20 years keeping them covered so want to try to get the babies out of this sooner rather than later!
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Oh wow I must be going blind, I read your post and I completely missed that sentence Sorry.
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not a problem! I'm attempting to use the computer with two kittens chasing the mouse cursor so sorry if I seemed a bit short! At lesat they aren't peeing though......
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I don't think you need to get rid of the comforters, but you probably will need to either keep them up when the kittens are around them, or don't let the kittens into the rooms with the comforters unless you can watch them. and as soon as you see the "pee squat", scoop them up and into a litterbox!

I think the comforters must smell like animal (duh, I know) and the cats are scent marking them with urine to make the comforters smell familiar. Just my guess.

Also, make sure you're cleaning their pee up with an enzymatic cleaner, and, just so you know, you can wash a down comforter in an industrial sized washer at a laundry mat! (saves you TONS of money).

I think our girl has out grown peeing on our comforter, but we still only like her to be in there when we can watch her.

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