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Cat biting on occasion, climbing walls too

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I adopted a 6 y/o cat about two months ago and she is wonderful but I have a few concerns. She is completely declawed (front and back)--not by me. Could this all be due to anxiety over not having any claws? We are very close and she sleeps with me all night, every night.

1. About once per week she will jump on the bed, her ears will point back, she'll calmly walk over and bite my leg or shoulder. She just opens her mouth and closes it on my skin. If I push her away, she'll follow me and continue to try. It doesn't seem like she is trying to hurt me, but it a bit unnerving.

2. She meows a lot and sometimes very loudly. If I start to pet her she stops. So I guess this isn't too bad.

3. She climbs the walls as if she is trying to get out. The apartment is not big but not small either.
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I'm not sure why she is biting. There could be a lot of reasons. Are you moving in bed? Does she think your a mouse/toy? Is she just being grumpy (my cat will nip at me when she is done being petted)? When she bites you do you do anything that she likes (like petting, playing, anything that gives her attention)?

Seems like she is meowing for attention. You said that once you start to pet her she stops. I have an oriental and a siamese mix, neither are known to be very quite. It's when I don't here them meowing...that's when I worry.

When she is climbing the walls is she trying to get out of the house (scratching at the screens, looking out the windows)? Or perhaps she wants to play. Give her lots of toys and play with her. When she's tired she won't be climbing walls anymore.
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At two months the cat is probably still adjusting to the new environment. I found that my cat's behavior was all over the place for much longer than I expected... it's four months in and I still get new behaviors every few weeks (generally for the better).

The biting seems like play, particularly since she's not hissing and isn't biting down. Or she may have learned that this was the way to get attention from a previous owner. Naturally you're going to want to train her out of it. Lying completely still (with eyes closed if you were sleeping beforehand) and giving her no response, positive or negative, is the way to teach her that it's a pointless action. This will eventually work with any sleep-disrupting behavior a cat is doing... but it takes time and consistency.

Of course, if you play dead and she bites down harder (I'd be surprised if she did), you'll have to explore other techniques.
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