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My New Baby

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Well he finally arrived last thursday,He's about 10 weeks old and he's got a little cold.His eyes have dried up nicely and he's not sneezing as much.He's also not as stuffy

No name as yet so any suggestions will be most appreciated.
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Absolutely adorable!!!!!
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Aww...what a precious baby!!!
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Aaaaaaaaaargh give him to me i want to play with the little cherub!!!

He's gorgeous and so tiny!!
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Awww, I love kittens. He's a cutie!!
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he's so active now its unbelievable.He could be flying around having a mad one and the next he's flaked out asleep. Toffee has stopped growling and hissing at him and Magnum pretends not to entice him in play
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what a cutie pie!
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Think his name is going to be Sebastian. Well I've got it narrowed down to Sebastian or Spencer
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