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I forgot how cool this is!

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So I'm sitting here with the new baby on my lap and he is kneading and nursing away. It's just the absolute cutest thing! I haven't had a baby in the house in so long I totally forgot about all the cute kitten antics... like nursing on your shorts and spending 3 hours beating the snot out of a stuffed mouse.

I'm so glad you guys convinced me to try and adopt that orange baby... otherwise I would have never brought Pee Wee (grey baby) home! So I just wanted to say a big to everyone! He's the little boy I always wanted... a mushy lap cat who likes to play with dogs and I wouldn't have him if it weren't for everyone who responded to that post.
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Awww Thats so great! I am so happy for you!

Now to convince my DH we need a new baby
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Well if you want to drive over to Melbourne, his brother is still in the shelter and is an absolute doll! C'mon... you know you want him...
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If I didn't think my DH would kill me, I would. We decided we would get another furbaby but we're waiting for Jake to get a little older. Right now he's WAY to hyper to have a baby in the house. Tiger and Reilly can handle (tolerate is more like it) his rough housing. He mouths EVERYTHING, including the cats. I don't want to put a kitten at risk until he chills out some. Even if we put them in separate rooms Jake knows how to open doors (we've seen him do it) and he LOVES cats.... I am too scared until he's over his hyper puppiness
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Aw yeah I can understand that. I wouldn't have brought home a baby if my dogs were still that young. My pups are still hyper, but they're 2 and 3.. so by now they know better than to mouth on or pounce on a little one. They'll wrestle like mad with each other, but are just the gentlest creatures when it comes to any of the cats... cuz really, my pups just want to snuggle the kitties
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Do the ears go back and forth as it nurses? I've always thought that was the cutest thing!
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Hmm... you know..I wasn't watching his ears, but I'll be sure to watch for it next time

Right now he's nursing in his sleep... so its not full on nursing... just curled up in a ball dead asleep and making the nursing noises. I really have to go let the dogs out, but I don't want to get up... I know it will make him stop and this is just too cute
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