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I just adopted a 3 1/2 month old kitten yesterday. It's the last - really. We now have 6, 3 boys and 3 girls. Anyway, Misty is her name.. before adopting her the woman had said she has some kind of absess on her tongue from "dry food" my husband said ok, seeing as the cat seemed to be in no real physical pain (and he fell in love with her immediately) and put her in the carrier on the way to be brought home.. so, she starts meowing, as any cat would do in such circumstances but this wasn't "normal" meows, it's like she was trying to say "get me out!! now!!" so he looks and notices BLOOD on certain parts of the carrier where she was touching.. we have NO idea where it came from though he suspects her nose...her mouth was not bleed nor was any part when we picked her up and took her out of the carrier but there WAS blood specks over certain parts of the carrier. I am beyond worried, this is the first cat I have adopted that has any kind of problems like this. We brought her back immediately and told the woman and she looked at her and didn't see any blood from HER but the evidence was the carrier.. She said she didn't know what it was and of course we said we're talking her to the vet IMMEDIATELY - however, this was Sunday and our vet was closed - it's now Monday morning and he opens at 8:30 and we are calling ASAP.

I just don't understand this, the woman also said "oh have him check for ear mites to when you bring her" Can I ask if Misty recieved all her Earmite treatments 2 weeks ago + every other shot she is supposed to get WHY would she have earmites? and second, why are these people not thoroughly getting these cats treated before having them be adopted? She even said she'd knock off 10$ of the adoption fee because they usually don't give away cats who are sick/need to be taken the vet.

This whole thing rubs me the wrong way..all, I'm doing is hoping and praying my Misty is OK - only 2 more hours til I can call the vet and make an appointment.

Pray for her, guys.

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Poor little thing! I hope she is ok. At least she is in good hands now, and will be properly cared for. Please keep us posted on her condition.
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I agree, at least she now has a loving fur mommy and daddy that are willing to look after her. She's blessed that you both adopted her
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