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My sweet P L L has crossed

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My sweet baby Patch Look'ee Like'ee crossed to the the bridge.He was just over 12 months old.
I called him Patch Look'ee Like'ee because he had Identical markings of my Patch,but he had short hair.

He was one of my babies in the feral colony I love and care for.He was fit and healthy
and always there for a bit of 'playtime'.( catnip bubbles)
The last time I saw him was wednesday night,It was not like him not to turn up for his
chicken.I searched everywhere ,In the boxes and under every bush,but nothing.
I found him yesterday in one of the little boxes I put out in winter for them, he had crossed.

My sweet P L L

Waiting for chicken

Its too cold sitting on the tarmac

I'll be more comfortable here

My young sweet dear baby I Love you and miss you and your friends are missing you too.

R.I.P. P L L and play happily at the bridge with your mum and sister and all
the other rainbow bridge animals.
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I'm so very sorry you lost your beautiful little Patch Look'ee Like'ee, He looks like such a sweet little boy. You were surely frantic in your search for him when he didn't come up for his chicken, it must have been so difficult to find him in his little Winter box. Although cut terribly short, you gave him such a wonderful life with your loving care. He is now one of many kitties waiting to reunite with you, their guardian angel.
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Diana i'm so sorry What a sweet confident boy he looked to be. The way he's making himself at home in your car speaks volumes at how comfortable the ferals are with you

Have fun playing over the bridge with all your new friends Patch until you see Diana again

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What a beautiful tuxedo cat he was. Rest in peace, sweetie. You are remembered with love and affection.
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Such a sad story! Know that Patch can have all the chicken he wants now over the bridge and won't have to worry about cold winter nights anymore. You provided him with love, care, and attention which made his life so much better. Wishing you peace.
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I am so sorry for you loss.

Rest in peace at the bridge Patch, and know that you were loved in life.
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What a handsome boy Patch was. I'm so sorry for your loss. Bless you for giving Patch such wonderful care. RIP sweet boy, knowing you were loved.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for caring for the colony. I'm sure they will be missing him, too!
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I am so sorry to hear this, he was lovely. At least he had someone who loved and cared for him. RIP little one.
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I just want to Thank You all for your kind thoughts and sentiments for My sweet Patch Look'ee Like'ee .

His friends in the colony,what is left of his friends,They miss him.They walk around crying and I know they miss him and I know they know something is wrong.
His friends come to me and look in my car,and i feel like they know i have taken their friend away.and I did.

I know i shouldn't be saying this right now,but its hard not to say how i really feel.

I know there are some people ,even cat lovers ,who think feral cats are vermin and carry disease,but my Patch Look'ee like'ee was just a cat,he lived his life outside.
His life was not decided by him,he had no choice but to try to survive.
And this he did for the 12 months of his life.Through rain, sleet, snow and freezing cold weather.
I cared for him after his mother left him to fend for himself and he became my baby,I had him neutered,wormed,de-flead and jabs,the only thing i couldn't give him was a home.
I regret not sharing his life and the wonderful,loving soul that he was.
I longed for the day I could hold him and just stroke his beautiful coat that he always
kept immaculately clean.

When I did get to hold him in my arms and give him a hug and stroke his beautiful coat,he had crossed the bridge.

He is being cremated this afternoon and his ashes will be scattered on the rememberance garden at the crematorium.
I wish I could be there in his final journey,but I can't .
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You will see him again one day Diana
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