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Cats take over bed.

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When I first got Stormy, 6 years ago, I had a twin bed. Once she came into my life, and shared my bed, I knew I was doomed. My little furball took over half of the bed,she sleeps from the pillow down, like a human. And with a twin bed there isn't much room. So I ended up getting a full mattress. Now I have Cuddles and Sushi. Cuddles sleep in the business chair or with my father, she doesn't like sleeping in bed with me. And Sushi will sleep with me. And to top it off, sometimes I have two cats, and a dog in bed with me.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my babies, but sometimes I wish I had more room to move. LOL!!

Does anyone else ever feel their beds are taken over by their animals?
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hehe read my ladies please post i just made.
between the 2 cats and one wife i have no bed now
i know that even with a bed the size of the room would not be big enough now

oh it does not do you any good to move to different locations they will follow you ehehe
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Princess and Patsy have taken over my bed completely. I have a queen size bed and I'm luck if I get enough room to squeeze on it. If they notice I have ANY room they maneuver to take it back. I never knew 2 cats could take up so much room.
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You bet! With 2 80lb dogs, two cats, two humans and a queen size bed I'm lucky if I score two inches on the darn thing

But yesterday we got a new couch, which means my old couch was headed for the dumpster... and really, that's where it needs to go after Buddha's "I need to put the entire world in my mouth" puppy phase But then my BF had an absolutely brilliant idea of putting the two ottomans from the old couch at the foot of the bed. I covered them with the dogs' favorite blanket and all night my bf had the bed to himself with the pups sleeping on the ottomans!

Maybe tonight I'll get to try it out too instead of working all night
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Yup! I have a queen, but with 5, sometimes 6 cats, plus a dog, it can get pretty crowded.... luckily all the cats basically sleep on top of me
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Petals sleeps on me and Tiggy sleeps by Jerry's it can get crowded.......luckily we have a king sized bed..........
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We also have a king sized bed, but with my body pillow taking up the space of a 3rd person, then LuckyGirl who has to sleep right between my legs it's hard.... I sleep with my 1 leg propped up on the body pillow and 1 straight, and she thinks it's the perfect spot to be cuddled between my leg & the pillow, also I toss & turn all night, so I have to be semi-concious to turn so that I don't hit her or hurt her. Must be nice huh?!
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What do you mean your bed?
It's THEIR bed!!!!
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LOL, I tried the ottoman thing for Stormy, since she's the heaviest (all fur), and has a hard time getting on the bed (she's declawed, I didn't do it.) But instead she uses it for getting on the bed.

HEHEHEHE, yeah I know it's their bed. I come home from work and Stormy is laying on the bed, giving me the look of why did you wake me up. Glad to hear I ain't the only one with cats that take over the bed.

My bf says when we get married, the bed is all ours and the cats will have to sleep else where. HAHAHAHA yeah like thats gonna happen. My bf loves cats, but his old cat would attack him in his sleep, thats why no cats sleep in bed.
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At the moment I have Hubby, Me our 5 year old ( she sick so sleeping with us) 5 kittens and mama cat all in a queen sized bed. I have NO room! Infact the sofa has been my quiet spot early in the morning lately!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Petals sleeps on me and Tiggy sleeps by Jerry's it can get crowded.......luckily we have a king sized bed..........
.....a great Fur-Multitude Uh? Susie!
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Yes, with 5 cats in 1 queen, there's not much room in my bed either
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I have a double bed and, when I just had Katie and Gracie, it seemed like there was plenty of room. Now that Pete and Claire have joined the family there's still plenty of room - for them, just not for me!
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With 4 cats and Dh and I we ended up going out and buying a bigger bed. There just wasn't enough room in a queen sized bed. Now the cats figured out that DH can one side, they can have one side, Twig can have a pillow in the middle of our two pillows, Rocket can have the left side of mom between mom and dad, and mom gets any that's left. Is there a bigger bed then a king? I just need to get a room sized bed!
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HAHAHAHA, thank god I am not the only one that has cats that take over the bed. LOL, maybe I should unfold the funton and let them take over. Or i might end up taking it over. LOL
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Tavia sleeps with me and my sisters boxer Macy sleeps with me and I have a queen and it seems like macy wants to sleep as close as possible and Tavia either sleeps between my feet, on top of me, or beside me as close as she can get. And Lilly turned into a trader since I worked third shift and she sleeps with my dad I sure miss my Lilly but she lays beside me and gets as close as she can get and she is so warm she will cook you out of the bed. So no you're not the only one.
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