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WHAT!!! It is SOO the other way around in my house. I'm only 5'1" so I don't take much room. Then imagine my boyfriend which is 6'0" in a queen sized bed. I wake up squished underneath him!! I always wake up with about 6 inches of the bed to fit my entire body. If I move I will fall off. Then I have my cat Tiger sleeping on my feet. I think I got it a LITTLE worse than you. If that isn't bad enough, we have this beautiful huge comforter that nearly touches the floor on both sides of the bed and somehow my boyfriend manages to roll up in it where I have nothing left!!
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That should help with the body pillow question.

As for the bed hog, my husband is the worst offender in our house! He will take all the pillows, all the blankets, and leave me shivering. I will wake up and look over and he is bright red and sweaty!
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All I was gonna say was be greatful your wife still wants to sleep cuddled up next to you.... I mean, between her & the cats, how does it feel to be so desired???

that what the wife says, they just want to hug me, and it my fault cause i keep moving away.
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
Mine does that too
I have MY pillow that NO ONE sleeps on but me. It never fails when I go to bed DH has MY pillow or MY body pillow. I gently slide it out from under his head and give him HIS pillow.... We have been having this same fight over pillows for over 4 yrs Will they ever learn?
With this pillow and cover thing.....

We sleep with NO top sheets or blankets on the bed. TWO comforters. My down in a duve and the ralph lauren one that is SUPPOSED to be for decoration. He decided he like that one when we moved intogether, so rather than he use his nasty, pill-balled, old, walmart blue on one side and green on the other comforter, I gave in and let him use my good one. lol

Sleeping with out all the fru fru ralph lauren ruffly crap is AGAINST every fiber in my SOUTHERN RAISED BEING! But I got over it, and making the bed is SUCH a snap now! My duve, then "his" comforter. A bunch of pillows and I am done! (it took a long time to come to terms with this!)

ANND here's the kicker.

I for YEARS have wanted one of those memory foam pillows. But I could never see spending the money on them. Usually over 100 bucks. SO, one day, I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and saw one on the clearence shelf for 40, I talked the manager down to 25 and went home with my prize!

The next night, he begged me to try it, just one night to see if he liked it.

That was OVER A YEAR AGO, and I still have only slept ONE NIGHT with MY new pillow!! Jerk!

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I feel bad for my bf when we move in together or when we get married. My bf and I will curl up on my bed so I can take a nap and snuggle close to him. (Kitties are playing up stairs at that time.) Well I have already kicked him off the bed, where he landed on the floor. Kneed him in his no-no's, punched him, slapped him. Kicked him to the point he had brusies. I even sprawl out on the bed too. He even walked by my bed once, and I kicked him. I also do the river dance stepping in my sleep, thats what he calls it.

I snore like there is no tomorrow too. He says I sound like I am cutting down trees. He also says that it seems sometimes that Stormy and me are in competeion for snoring.

He says when we get married or move in together he might end up sleeping on the couch to get some sleep. I feel so bad for him. I am also a blanket hog.
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poor guy. hehe maybe once he moves in you wont be that way and get used to sleeping with him.. I do know that when itta goes back to indo every time her visa runs out or she needs to go back for business, i do miss the morning hugs when i get home. hehe just not the being chased out of bed

One right before we got married she wanted to sneak up and jump on me,how i was sleeping but as soon has she touched my leg, I kicked her in the stomach so hard it knocked her down she did not know yet that i was the type of person that if you scare them, I hit first then ask questions, I still feel bad about that.
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I will be moving in with him when he gets a place, we both live at home right now, bad bad economy where we live. I take a nap sometimes and totally forget that he's still there, and I will wake up with a yip or close scream, because I forgot he was there. Sometimes I wake myself up while snoring, look at him, ask when he got there, even though I already knew he was there before taking a nap.

Yeah where my family use to live. My bedroom was next to the living room, and I use to kick so hard on the wall, that my mother decided to finally take the picture frames and things on that wall down. My snoring was so loud that they had to turn up the tv to even hear it.

So yeah, the poor guy, he has it cut out for him when we get married or move into together.

I remember once I kicked Stormy out of bed, and suddenly heard this HIGH moew, and her laying on the floor looking at me with this look of, "What do you think your doing?" Of coursed I picked her back up and put her in bed.
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Your poor wife having a bruise on her belling for her wedding day!
I hope she is alright

Anyway I sooo want those body pillow things, where the heck do i buy one in germany?
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