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What brand of PC do you have?
Laptop or Desktop?
And what type of internet (not the service name.)

Can you tell I'm bored?

BTW I have a Compaq Presario Desktop w/cable internet
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We have a Dell desktop. Cable Internet.
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Toshiba laptop with wireless internet
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lol well at home,

the 2 desktops at home are both home built computers since my main use for a home is computer gaming,

the laptops are
gateway amd64 mine
compaq amd64 hers

we also have dell poweredge 2950 (rack server) that my wifes uses for her web business over seas.

and high speed cable.
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mine's an IBM, bf's a compaq. Both PCs. We ride the slow, slow wave that is "dialup"/
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Dell laptop

Wireless Internet
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Just some crappy PC as most are. I am soon getting a MAC!! I cannot wait! I HATE PCs. They compeltely suck. I miss my MAC from my old job

As soon as I get my MAC I will never again own a PC ever
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Valid topic, I have a wireless Dell laptop with cable modem.
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The machine my BF hand-built for me for my 21st birthday - it's getting old and clunky now (I'll be 27 in September), despite his efforts to upgrade it now and then, so I'll have to replace it soon.

(I've held off this long for sentimental reasons.)

ETA I have a tiny Sony Viao for taking to lectures and things with me. I love it, it's very light and super portable. The downside is that because it's small it's screen is also tiny, so it's not really useful for much other than typing, even though it's got a powerful chip.
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We have a dell desktop with wireless internet. We have dial up too because we just got the wireless a week ago and have been having some trouble with it.
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Hp tower with other accesories as it is about 6 yrs old.. desktop

Looking at new ones soon but it is so mine was next to top of the line then and has 64 ram..lmao
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I'm on a Mac PowerBook G4 laptop which I love, my husband has a Dell laptop, plus his work HP laptop, and we have a hardly used desktop of some sort, plus various other machines that do.... stuff. My hubby is a geek, what can I say!

Oh and we have some sort of fast internet....
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Home built desktop machine because nothing was "good enough" for me at the time.

I've had it three years and the biggest upgrade I need to do is add RAM. I'm not a gamer, like theimp98, but I'm kind of a control freak. Intel is the devil and the only AMD machines being built by computer companies were more $$ than I wanted to pay.

I am going to talk to my hubby-to-be and see what we can afford to replace in my machine, just to make it last another three years without me throwing it out the window.

As for Internet, Cable all the way.
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I have a dell laptop computer and a dell desktop computer...but I use the laptop more. And we have just the basic aol dial up service...b/c dsl is not offered where we are
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I have no idea what make my computer is... it's old? I know that.
but it's just a PC with the fastest highspeed cable they had.
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Dell Dimension here (although lately its been making funny noises)

Cable modem for the internet.
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I have an HP Pavillion DV8000t laptop, w/ wireless. My fiance has 4 or 5 desktop computers he plays around with.

We have a cable modem.
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An eMachines desktop (given to me so I can't complain) and ye Ol' dialup!
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I have a Sony Vaio. Cable internet.
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Last August I bought a Compaq Presario SR1020T which lots of adds to it!!
I too am on dial up as the only alternative is cable but since we don't have cable (or DISH) tv service its the only service in this semi-rural area.
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My computer is a Compaq Desk Top with Dial-up. At the present time, this computer is packed away waiting for me to move.
The computer I am using now is a Dell Dimension Desk Top. I don't know about the internet.
I plan on upgrading my internet after I move. To which ever one is the next step up from Dial-up.
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I have a Fujitsu Siemens laptop and a DSL flatrate.
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I have a HP pavilion xt963-internet is DSL thru the phone company (phone,Dish tv & DSL are bundled = $ 50 savings a month )
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I have the dell that was sitting at my desk at work (no home computer yet) and some kind of FAST internet!
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Forgot to say - internet service is broadband (cable to the house, wireless network inside though).
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We have a brand-new Dell XPS600 PC, which I absolutely love. I appreciate that Dell makes computers for morons (I'm reasonably knowledgeable about computers, but my boyfriend -- whose computer it is -- is soooo not technologically inclined ; ours was pretty much plug-and-play, with all the bits and pieces included (including a very pretty 19" LCD monitor!). I could gush about this baby for days on end ...

I also have an ancient IBM ThinkPad 1200 laptop that I bought for university and for writing. The CD-ROM refuses to believe it has a disk in it, but I don't need it in order to use the computer (we game on the desktop and I don't use my laptop to listen to music). However, I do need power, and the adaptor is starting to die. I've tried hunting down a new one, but I think I may be out of luck. It will be a sad day when my laptop no longer works ...

Edited to add: We have highspeed Internet, but only on the desktop; the laptop would cry if I made it connect to the Internet.

As for the computer I use at work, if I had a sledgehammer with me, it would be a pile of smashed shiny bits. I type too quickly for it to keep up, and I can no longer shut it down at night -- there's a good chance it will never start again. Will it be replaced with something better? I sincerely doubt it. I am, after all, just a temp. But you know that episode of The Simpsons where Homer tries to build a BBQ (and ends up turning it into modern art and becoming, briefly, a famous artist)? The scene where he screams and charges at the BBQ -- that's me trying to make my work computer "go."
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Rob builds our computers, because that's his hobby. Currently I'm running an AMD 2600+, 1.92 Gh processor with 512 Mb of RAM. I may add some more RAM at some point, but more important would be a larger hard drive, and a flat panel monitor (I've still got the old clunk 17"). Internet is ADSL.

Rob's computer is much the same, except he sprang for a 19" LCD a few months ago.
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