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Stray Tomcat

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We have a stray tomcat that has moved in. He is quite handsome! He appears to be solid black, but of course if you look at him, he runs. This is a pic of him through a window!

And even from a distance, it is apparent that he is an intact male! LOL! I will have to try to TNR him.
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Aww I love black cats. Are you going to trap him and take him in to be neutered?
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Yeah, I will get it done. I have to borrow the trap, though. And find out the cost...last summer there were clinics charging $15. Otherwise my vet only charges $25 for the ferals. DH has been out of work for a few months, so $25 is a lot of money right now, but either way he needs to be neutered, or he'll get torn up in fights. And make babies!

His eyes are the brightest green. If he weren't so wild he would be a stunning pet. Hopefully after he gets fixed he will stay around!
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where is a low cost clinic?
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It depends on your area. I'm in NW Illinois. And the clinic, and my vet, do the traditional clipping of the ear to denote a speutered feral. So it isn't a good choice for pets. But for the strays that wander by, it works wonders. (And believe me, the lowest cost speuter around here otherwise is $75!)
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Awwwww isn't he a beauty!!
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