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Alright folks, I'm finally going ahead with it, getting a tattoo! I would like some feedback though, since I'm not entirely sure of the pic yet. I am meeting the tattoo artist tomorrow and will discuss it, but would like to hear your opinions anyhow. I am getting the tattoo on my ankle, the outside of my leg really, just above the bone in the ankle. The one I like most is this tribal butterfly (I will post the pic here if I manage...), but I'm not sure if it would be nice to add some (vine like) lines to the image, so it would reach on the front of my ankle below, and reach up further into my calf above, if you have any idea what I mean. Sort of like the pic of her tattoo that falling rain posted here before, only in a tribal style.

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I think it would look great! And, with the vines too.
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Ahhhhh....Eeva. You don't want me to rain on your parade, do you? I wish you wouldn't get a tatoo. My dad got one in the navy and spent the rest of his life regretting it. Just be sure you're still going to want this when you're older.
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I like it! I have 3 tattoos. I love all of them! I have some tribal on my lower back. My tigger one on my shoulder is my favorite one.
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Eeva, Jeanie is right. You need to make sure that you are cool with this being a part of you. You may be into this now but a few years down the line will you still like it?

I don't mean to doubt you but I just want you to be sure. My dad always said he would never get one but one night he had a little too much to drink and came home with a half done tattoo. He hasn't been drunk enough since to finish it.

When I got my tatts I had spent months thinking of ideas and places but in the end I stuck with something that held personally meaning to me. I'm glad I didn't go with the first few ideas I had wanted.

Here's a great link to check out as well. Beginner's guide to getting a tattoo.
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I just want to add that i also agree with everyone about thinking about it. I had to think about getting my tattoos and it took some time picking out what I wanted. BadHabit is right you don't want to get something you won't like later in life. I have always wanted to get my childerns names but I don't know where I want them and I have not thought of an idea. So I still have not gotten it done. Good Luck!
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Her husband is a tattoo artist. I have seen the designs and they are wonderful! I hope she sees this posting and comes out to show off his talent. It is phenomenal! Eeva, I like your butterfly it is quite different.
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Thanks, everyone, but I have been thinking about this for... I don't know, maybe 4-5 years now! And have looked at hundreds of designs too the past few weeks/months, looking at what I'd like (I really like tribal style, I think it's so classic and simple) and what I'd like 10 or 20 years later. I also like this particular ghekko design in tribal style, but decided against it, since I might not like it 10 yrs later. Actually, this butterfly was the first one I saw that I wanted to have on me, but kept looking at more designs until I finally went back to it, there's just something about it that I like a lot.

Besides, this tattoo artist said that if it's a small tat, he might be able to do it in a month or so, but that he has appointments lined up until November already, so it's not like I'm getting it done right away. And like I said, I've been wanting a tattoo for years now and thinking hard about it for the past few months...

BadHabit thanks, but I've already gone through that site- like I said, I've read a lot about this and am ready. Thanks for making sure though, I wouldn't want to regret it later and that's why I'm only having it done now- I wasn't sure before.

So... Opinions on the design?
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love it!

good choice it's clean and simple
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I have a cat tattoo on my right shoulder.
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I've also been thinking for several years about getting a tattoo. I've even got a picture (surprise, surprise - a cat) - just can't get up enough courage to do it!!

About your butterfly - I think it's lovely. Personally what I would do I just have the butterfly done. Then you can live with it and get used to it. You can always get the vine leaves put on later - once you're 100% sure your happy and comfortable with the idea.

Tattoos do tend to polarise opinions. My husband hates them - but is resigned to my decision to have one. I don't like badly drawn ones - but if you have a good artist who does a nice clean image - then can look attractive - and very sexy.

Good luck!
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Well then it sounds as though you've done your research!! I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into because on my first tatt I rushed into it and now not even a year later it needs to be done over. My mom told me to go to the studio I went to and said they were great blah blah blah well I didn't stop to think the tatts she got from them were teeny tiny and the one I was about to get was almost a foot in length.

The design itself was nice but it faded something awfull and really there was no excuse for it. I babied that tatt and stayed out of the sun all summer and kept it covered when I did go out. My second tatt has gone much better. I found an artist I really like and plan on going back.... In fact that's where I plan on having my first tatt done over.

The design you picked is nice although I'm not one for tribal designs. If you've given this alot of thought and this is what you really want then go for it. I'd ask the artist his/her thoughts about it and they can give you some good insight.

BTW I found out after I had my first tatt that the studio that did it were known to have their tatts fade(You always find that out after the fact huh?)
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I like the butterfly. Depending on the vine design, I think it would look really nice with the vines. That way it doesn't look like you just plunked a tat on your leg. LOL (I've actually seen some like that - they look rediculous!) I would have the artist sketch something out and see if you like it. However, with where you are getting it, I think the butterfly could stand alone as well.

Boy, I'm a lot of help in deciding, huh?
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Looks good, to me. I'm still trying to work up the courage. I know what I want and who to go to. Bill says that he'll come along and hold my hand.

I miss Peanut, so much. He was my best cat, ever. That's why I want a white cat tattoo. I figure that my shoulder blade is a good place. I wear tank and halter tops but I need to be able to cover it, at work. Since I wear regular shirts, there, the shoulder blade is a good choice.

On a health note: make sure that the artist uses disposable needles and maintains good sterile procedure.
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Please don't get a tattoo! I got a few when I was younger, and yes they looked cool then. But I got older and wiser, and now they aren't so cool. the colors fade, the skin isn't so pliable, they eventually look like a child's drawing on your body. Please don't do it! I am talkng walking experience!
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Eeva - I like the butterfly. I personally wouldn't want a tatoo, but I think that everyone can make their own decision on this. My husband got a tatoo last month, and I really do like it. It's also a tribal design, and he got it on his back, up high between his shoulders. It's fairly large, but nice. The nice thing about it is that it's only the one color - I like that.

Anyway, I do like the butterfly. It's feminine and simple. Good luck with it!
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Jessica-thanks for the link about beginners getting a tattoo. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for about the past 2 years and that link has a lot of good info that I would have never thought about or thought to ask. I'm still not sure exactly what I want, but I know that I want it on my lower back.

Eeva-I think your butterfly looks very nice and simple, not too complicated. It sounds like you've spent a lot of time thinking about what you want. If I were you, I'd wait to get the vines done until you have adjusted to just the butterfly and then if you still want them after awhile, then I would go for them. Good luck!
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