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Kitten being the Alpha cat?

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I got my new kitten on Friday night. Sebastian was fine with him and I never had to seperate them.

Both are males and both neutered. My resident cat is almost 2 yrs and the kitten is 14 weeks. I see Sebastian go up to the kitten and then all of a sudden back up like he is scared. But the kitten never backs down. they have chased each other around a couple of times but not played together for any period of time.

Yet they will eat together and even lay next to each other in the same room. Sebastian does not seem to mind him being here and has never hid from him but the kittens body language suggests he wants to be the boss..IMO And I have not seen Sebastian put him in his place.

Sebastian has always been the chicken cat...afraid of anyone who comes in the house and jumping at every little thing.

Has anyone ever seen a kitten come in and take over the dominant role?

Like right now the kitten came over and plopped next to him on the floor. And they are just hanging out.

They seem to be getting a long fine I was just curious.

( I keep saying kitten because I still need a name..LOL)
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My last kitten took the alpha cat role right from the start. My older 2 year old female was afraid of him and he'd taunt her and poince on her from day 1. He was only 9 weeks at the time. He would steal her treats and toys at will. And when he wanted to play with her, she was getting played with, growling and hissing didn't deter him. It was like always like that until we lost him to eating a lilly. My new kitten is another male but he's definately not the alpha cat here. If a toy rolls to close to my older cat, he'll stop and wait for her to move. It's more personality than age that determines the alpha cat status.
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Sophie " tried " to be alpha cat at 9 weeks with Rosie and she's still trying 2 years later, but she soon gets put in her place.

There are times though when she catches Rosie unawares, runs up to her, jumps on her back then darts off like a shot before Rosie knows where to look
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