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My cat is weird

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Dinah is a two year old long hair tuxedo cat. I've had him since he was 9 months old. I cannot really complain because he is a very sweet cat. He is loving and is not too destuctive. The worst thing he has done is walk on my desk an knock some of my stuff off.
Here is a question. In the 2 years I've had him, I have never seen him sleep. Every book I read and every source of cat wisdom has told me cats sleep most of the day but not Dinah. In the daytime, he busies himself with grooming, eatting and playing with me. At night, he hops around, from room to room, playing with every other member of my family. Why does my cat never sleep?

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He probably sleeps at night when you do. Be thankful that he does otherwise you would be subject to him jumping all over you wanting to play while you were trying to sleep.
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Aww I don't know what to say other then he must be sleeping when you are. Which is odd as most cats are active at night. Maybe he sleeps when you are away at work or something. I love that HIS name is Dinah, that's cute. Oh and I think you mean he is short or medium haired, he definately isn't long haired He is a real cutie though!
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