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A Miracle Kitty!

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I just got back from a week at the beach. And I have a heart-melting story to tell! Sorry, this may end up being long, but its a wonderful story!!

Me and my family stayed in a condo at a fairly small complex right on the beach. My dog Maggie went with us this year, and one morning I had taken her out front by the parking lot to use the bathroom. I kept hearing a small meow cry, and was walking around trying to figure out where it came from. A lady staying in the condo next door walked by and said she had been hearing it too, since the last evening. I finally figured out it was coming from inside a car!! The parking spaces are numbered to match condo numbers, so the lady went and knocked on the door. The man came out with his keys to pop the hood, and sure enough a baby tortie was down by the engine!! I could see her precious little face, her eyes were barely open and had pus, but she was moving and meowing. I could reach in to pet her, but if I put my hand around her, it was too big to pull her back out. We could see the hole behind her where she had climbed up, so he got a pole, wrapped a towel around the end where he could softly push her toward the hole. I got a blanket and layed by the car where I could catch her when she came out. Afte some calling and pushing, etc. I finally got the tiny girl in my hands!! Poor thing couldn't have been more than a few weeks old, looked like her eyes were newly open and infected now.

The man lived in the condo, but had just gotten back the previous night from a trip, about 60 miles away. He said there had been a stray litter of kittens where he had been! Meaning this tiny kitten had most likely ridden 60 miles next to an engine, in 90+ degree heat! Poor thing was so lucky to be a live!! He didn't know what to do, so me and my BF took the kitten inside the condo and cleaned her little face up with a warm cloth. I would have loved to keep her, but we had Maggie there, my moms allergic, etc etc. So my mom got out the phonebook and we started calling every animal hospital, shelter, etc. The only place that would have taken her without putting her down immediately was the Humane Society and they were closed that day. So finally me and Patrick got in the car, me holding her, and went to the nearest vet. We went in and said we needed help, we found a baby kitten and could not keep her b/c of circumstances. At that moment, a vet tech walked up front and said that a lady had been in just that morning and had to put to sleep a tortie kitten because it was sick. She tried calling the lady, and noone answered. So the receptionist was giving us directions to the closest open humane society when someone came up from the back saying the lady had called back and would take the kitten!!! I was ecstatic! So we got her phone number, called the lady, and got directions to her house.

We arrived and she nearly started crying when she saw this little girl. Said she looked nearly identical to the kitten she had just put to sleep. She had another cat, a beautiful cat that looked a lot like a Savannah, but I didnt ask. Anyways, it just felt like everything fell into place. It took such a load off my heart seeing her with a good lady rather than leaving her at a shelter.

And to top things off, we ran into the lady at the gas station as we were leaving to come home. She said the kitten is doing great (she namer her Louis....strange for a girl, but whatever! ). She said the baby has a little upper respiratory infection but is on meds for it. What a miracle kitty!
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Wow, that is simply amazing! Thanks for saving the baby's life, and finding her a happy home!
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What a wonderful happy ending. That's so nice of you to save this precious little baby, I'm sure she will now have a very happy life that she deserves, she sounds beautiful!
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Anyone on this site would have done the same thing, I only wish I could have kept her! And I do have a pic of her on my digital camera, I will post it in Fur Pics when I get a chance. (Hopefully tomorrow!)
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Wow - a happy ending for both kitty and the lady.

I can't wait to see the little miracle baby you saved.
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Wow, poor baby!! Did the vet say she was okay and she only had a upper respiratory infection?? She really is a miracle baby. I'm glad you found her!!
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That story put the biggest smile on my face! Now that's the kind of thing I like to read here!

Thank you and your BF for saving this baby and helping her find her place in this world!
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Oh that is so fantastic! Yay for Louis!
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Wow! That sounds like it was meant to be for the lady that adopted her. Bless you for rescuing her!
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WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone and everything has it's place that was a great story!!!!!
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YAY!! Such a great ending! And boy does she ever sound like a miracle kitty!! Bless you for helping with her, and the woman that adopted her.
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Yes, Louis is a MIRACLE kitty! It took her enduring a ride in the engine compartment for 60 miles to put her in the town where her new meowmmy could find her. Yup, Louis needed a guardian angel or two, to make this all happen and you & your BF were it, AshleyNichole!
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