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Back in the 60's and 70's, most of the small mutts were called cockapoos, and most of the large mutts were called german shepherd huskies. Partly there were less purebreds breeding indescriminantly, but partly because they were just labelled that!

Everyone that I knew of with a cockapoo or german sheperd husky knew they were just mutts. Most of the dogs had been found, so no one knew their breed!

In the mid 90's we rescued a mutt with a litter of newborn puppies. When the time came, we listed them as mixed breed, and no one called. When we changed it to German Shepherd Lab mix, they all got adopted within days. (When they came to get the pups, I told them I had found the Mom and didn't know who the Dad was.) I'm not sure why people prefer a 2 breed mix, or why they will pay hundreds for a mutt.
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It IS sad that this is what it has come to. But I must say that no matter what they are beautiful dogs. I especially LOVE the Beago. But it doesn't matter. I would love my dog no matter what
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Our cockapoo we had growing up was just that, a Cocker x Poodle, but his coming into being was accidental.
He was free, he was a mutt, and he was a well loved family member on into his early 20s
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Some of them are really cute, like the Golden Sheltie, but some are....well.... not. Like the poor doodleman pinchers.

I noticed a couple of the mixes were with wild animals (coyote and timber wolf). Is that legal? Don't you have to have special permits to own something that close to a wild animal?

And someone explain to me how a golden retreiver and a dalmation can have black puppies.
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Originally Posted by Telynn
Some of them are really cute, like the Golden Sheltie, but some are....well.... not. Like the poor doodleman pinchers.
Did you see the Sheltie-doodle? That was UGLY! Big poofy curly coat...I don't like it at all (I have a sheltie).

And yes I agree, the Doodleman Pinchers were weird looking. Dobermans are kind o tough looking dogs, but with the curly coat it just makes them look like a joke.
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My last dog I got when I was 11

The lady had a cute little white poodle, a show dog, so she was intact.

Her daughter had what is probably the ugliest dog I've ever seen.
No clue why the mutt was still intact.
He was a sheltie-chi cross, man he was ugly.
The result wasn't too bad as far as looks.

My little girl was white, with a black bottom.
She looked like a flop eared white sheltie, except her coat was wavy.
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And today you could call her a shechipoo and sell her for big bucks. I'm looking over more of these dogs and there are a few that look just like the sterotypical mutt. You know, Benji. Why would you pay a lot of money for a dog that looks like what most people think of when you say mutt?

If you scroll down and look at all the pictures, when they show more then one dog of the 'breed', none of them really look alike. So two puppys of the same cross could look totally different. One could get a good mix of traits and another, not.

And yeah, the sheltie poodle was sad looking. (And I love shelties, so pretty)
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Originally Posted by kittiLuv
What I have yet to understand is how the "breeders" of these mutts actually convince people that they're worth thousands of dollars. If someone pays $1500.00 for a puppy, would'nt you want some sort registration papers for it?? How do the mutt breeders explain that??? HMM??
And as far as "jumping on the bandwagon" goes, it was the LABRADOODLE that started that in the first place!! To scrounge up a couple of mutts, produce a litter or 2 or 3 or 15, and ask outrageous prices??? Do you blame the breeder (I even have a hard time calling them that....)or do you blame the ignorance of the people seeking them out?? Without demand, there would be no supply. Obviously, it's confirmed by that list. I could go off on this all day, as I think many of us could. Sad part is that I also know it will accomplish nothing because as long as there are soo many "uneducated" people out there duped into buying them, there will continue to be an endless flow of other "uneducated" people who are more than happy to keep the supply going!! And remember, the AKC has always prided itself on the efforts it puts forth to preserve the breeds it "recognizes". Breeds whose standards have taken decades to evolve. Centuries even, in some cases. You don't "create" a gene pool overnight and you don't need to be breeder to know that. It's basic Biology 101.
I'm not sure if you've read this whole thread or just posted after reading the first couple of posts. But if you read the rest of my entries you'll see that you and I are pretty much on the same page. I acknowledged in one of my first posts in this thread that the Labradoodle is responsible for all of these other so-called `designer' mixes, and that makes me very sad. I also said that the Labradoodle is at least ten years away from being recognised as a breed. I also suggest that you do a little reading on the history of the Labradoodle before you say that is was just scrounging up a couple of mutts and selling them for thousands. This was not the case at all. I completely agree with your sentiment, and completely understand why you are so angry about it. It makes me angry too. However this site is not about being nasty, sarcastic or aggressive to other members, and certainly there are very few here who are unaware of the things you are saying, particularly me. I think you'll find all you need to know if you take the time to read all of my posts in this thread, and then perhaps you might have a little less to say in anger.
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I don't think she read all the posts, because I don't think those comments were directed at you.

I am finding it difficult to understand why a labradoodle is any different. Though they were first, I guess-- do you have anything that gives a nice unbiased history?
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Unfortunately, most Labradoodles these days (in fact I'd say in excess of 90 percent) are no different to all the other `doodle' mixes. They are simply F1 crosses of labs and poodles, bred for profit only, by backyard breeders and puppy mills who have no idea what they're doing.

I get upset about it, though, because the original idea behind the mix was a good and noble one, something that people have abused. Here is a link to the National Labradoodle Association and gives a history of how it all started

Again, I think if responsible people would get back to doing this properly with this `breed' good things might come of it, but for now, they're just a designer doodle like everything else, for the most part, and it makes me really sad.
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That is a very interesting story behind them! I suppose it's sad that so many BYBers cling to this idea of mixed-breeds for money.

What do you think about Curly Coated Retrievers / this website:

(ETA: Curly-coated retrievers are actually a breed, recognized by the AKC in 1924... not another cross-- perhaps there's been some confusion about this)
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I'll have to have a proper look in my lunch break!!! Just for the record, though, I am certainly not an advocate of breeding crosses just for kicks and making money. The Labradoodle came about because of a very definite purpose (as explained in that link) and so I am more tolerant of this, and am definitely behind it to become a proper, registered breed in the future. But I do work in rescue, I am a trainer and I do see on a daily basis the unwanted/abandoned/abused/neglected puppy and dog situation in this world, brought about in huge part by all the irresponsible people out there who think that mating dogs is harmless and fine - especially when they think they can make big bucks out of it. This is NOT a good reason to create litters of `fancy' crosses.

EDIT - Ok back again - I had a look at that link, and noticed your edit, too, and was going to say, aren't they already a recognised purebred? I remember seeing them when I was studying gun dogs and they are lovely looking dogs - a lot of water breeds have thick curly coats to help protect them from the cold water, and give them more buoyancy. In fact the original shaving of the poodles' hindquartes was also so that their thick coats would not weigh them down when wet and retreiving waterfowl - although its a pity that's led to such over-the-top grooming styles today, huh!!

But here's a little-known fact; there is some speculation that the Labrador and the poodle are amongst the parent breeds of the Curly Coated Retriever!! So that bodes well (IMO) for the future of the Labradoodle in terms of being recognised eventually
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It's shocking that people are messing around with these dogs to make a few quid or look cool. I'd heard of the cockapoo before, but mixing a german shepherd and a poodle! Are they crazy!
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If you would read further into Labradoodles, you would find that the originators (in Australia) have abandoned the idea because you cannot get consistant type/prediction on "non-shedding" dogs.

So they will NOT be recognized as a breed. Wishful thinking. We at the labrador message board are totally against labradoodles. They are NOT hypoallergenic, nor are they guarenteed not to shed. Also the Poodle Club in AKC is finally doing something about the flood of dogs that are crossed with poodles!

And IMO they are not a pretty dog at all.

As far as recognizing any of the "poodle crosses" as breeds, the only one that might stand a chance is the cockapoos - they seem to be more consistant in general. But it was the cockapoos and not the labradoodles that started this whole mess of cross breeding.
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