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New to this board ... pic 'o' my kitten :)

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I've never checked out a cat forum before, pretty kewl. My wife and I recently took in a stray and her 4 kittens with the intent of taking them to a non-euthanizing animal shelter called "Furry Friends". We weren't going to keep any, as she is allergic to cats, and we wouldn't have it any other way but having an indoor cat. Here's how it happened: When the mama cat brought the kittens to the doorstep the first time, she was thin as a rail, so immediately, we fed her so she wouldn't be so slim, and so she could provide ample nourishment to the tiny kittens, who where at this time roughly 2 weeks old. Since we knew once we fed her, she'd be here for a while, my wife and I constructed a little cardboard kitten box with some bedding and no top. About a week later, we noticed that the mother cat and all the kittens were covered with flea eggs, and some had already hatched, (a neighbor had given the cats/kittens some old dog bedding previous to their making their way over to our house) so we made a trip to the vet who gave us some cat advantage, and instructed us on how to and how much to apply to, a 3 to 4 week old kitten. The mother cat was carrying all the fleas when they came over, she is long haired, so we didn't see the eggs, or the fleas she later passed on to her kittens. So we treated them all, got them all cleared up and they were all set. To make a long story short, the vet told my wife of a few methods to keep down her reaction to cats, and me being a Leo, a natural cat person, talked her into keeping our sweet little kitten, when a lady down the road adopted the mother cat and the other 3 kittens. So without further ado, our little heart-melter, Pixel : (thanks to Robert Heinlein )

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Absolutely precious! Welcome to TCS.
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Hello! Your kitten is so cute. Welcome to the cat site!
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Hi, tekkdrone! I'm glad you found us. Your kitten is a little doll. Is she solid white? (I don't have the world's greatest monitor!) My very special black cat was named Pixie. She lived to be 15 years old, and I still miss her. I thought that was a neat name. I assume you named your kitten because of her personality. That's the best way! I hope your little Pixie brings you loads of joy.
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She's almost solid white, she has a few strands of greyish black hair on top of her head which you can sorta see on the picture below. (And the rest is pink) Her mother was a long haired, solid-white cat, the tomcat is unknown, but the other 3 kittens where all tabby-patterned, 2 short haired males, and one long haired female, and my (I think she's short haired?) Almost all white kitten, the oddball. If it's any help, the mother cat was very, very long haired, and had the craziest bright yellow eyes. By the way, Pixel is now about 6 to 6 and a half weeks old, we made her our little companion when we noticed she was eating more of her mother's dry food than nursing. We wanted to get them out to their adopted home a.s.a.p. since the mother cat had a horrible habit of laying in the middle of the road, and the kittens were big enough to run after her, heck, she'd lay in my driveway and I could roll up to within inches of her, and she would NOT move. lol, I'd have to get out an shoo her out of the way

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Jeanie G. took the words - a complete doll.

tekkdrone - you are so lucky to have such a cute little furbaby.

Nice to have you here. I was wowwed about a cat-forum too. It's great.
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Awww, she looks like such a little sweetie-pie! I'm glad you talked your wife into letting you keep her. :tounge2:

Oh! And welcome!
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She is just precious! Are her eyes blue? Welcome to our lovely place here on the world wide web!
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Welcome to the site! Pixel is absolutely beautiful. What a little doll! It's amazing how those little furrballs wiggle their way into our hearts. You can't say no to giving them your home, and especially your heart.

I also have allergies, and two cats. One thing that may help, especially since pixel is just a wee little one, kittens don't put off as much dander as adult cats. We can acquire an immunity to the ones we are around all the time, especially if we can do it from when they are little. If not, Zyrtec is a godsend.
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Hmmm, zyrtec, thanks for the heads up valanhb, and sfell, her eyes were blue when she was tiny, but are turning out to be more of a a hazel/green. We handled all the kittens when they showed up, and continued to, Pixel, will let you flip her on her back in your arm like cradling a baby, and let you rub and scratch her belly and chest! hehehe (And of course under her chin) I think it's safe to say we have this kitten's complete and utter trust.
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I think you have a future Ms. Texas there - she is gorgeous and I love the name. I an also allegic to cats and I have 5 - you get used to your own cat's dander and only get itchy when there are new cats around. It may also help if you bathe her, but if you do start early so she gets used to it. Mine don't get bathed, but my best friend bathes and blow dries her 2 every month and they love it.

I can't wait to hear more and see more pics!
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Pixel is adorable!
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What a cutie-pie. I just want to play with those little paws
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Hi, I too do not normally reply to, or write messages on forums, but I am having fun on this site as I get a lot of welcome messages, & we all have our love for cats in common. I am curious as to what the vet told your wife about controlling her allergies to cats. I have a daughter in-law who lives in Oklahoma, & when they come home for a visit she can only stay here for about 1 hr. & she has to leave cuz the cats bother her so bad. I feel really bad because before I got my cats they would stay with us, now they can't. Any suggestions you can give me will be appreciated. Hope you had a fun, safe 4th. Anna
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Oh yes, the vet said a few things, probably the most helpful has been the suggestion to bathe pixel once a week while she's young, (so she gets used to it) and then bathe her once a month after that, that's supposed to help keep dander down a bit, and seems to have done a lot thus far.
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