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I just stumbled upon this thread. That poor cat. And it's very upsetting that the original vet who performed the surgery wasn't more concerned when the owner called. You like to think that the workers at the shelters and clinics that you take your beloved pets to are concerned animal lovers as well. I have my fingers crossed for this little guy.
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Originally Posted by Cande
I hope we get an update from Alliread.

And thank you so much everyone, I will get Andy neuter as soon as he gets well; I just got back from the vet. PlanetOfTheCats that’s a cute butt.

I hope the vet visit went well for alliread's kitty...
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poor guy. hoping for more good news.
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We need an update ... Is your Kitty ok???
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Sorry to all of you, my mind was beside myself all week...
I forgot I left all of you hanging, but thanks for everything you all left...

Well, that night, as I was driving to the vets, the ones that did it called me back..
They were helpful, from what I can see so far, the issue has been fixed. "crossing fingers"
They were pretty sure it was infected, and wanted to handle that first.
They were gonna keep him there while they dealt with the infection, but being that its a shelter, theres alot of fleas, and flies. And they didnt want him getting bit or more germs on "that thing"
So I had him at home, and even called off work to stay with him...and then he went back for surgery today. Almost the same surgery, but the whole thing kind of redone...
And I just picked him up. On more antiobiotics too..
He is acting alittle crazy, which isnt like him...But I never had a kitty home right after, so it may be the anesthesia.
They always spent the night before. His backside does look better, though Im sure he's had enough, and is sore...
Thanks again
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Thank you for the update.
I am glad this seems to have been resolved and the poor boy will be no worse for wear, well, aside from a sore behind.
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*big sigh of relief* I had been waiting for an update and when it didn't come, I grew worried that the outcome may have been less than positive. So I am very relieved that your little guy is OK. Thanks for posting the update, I know there are a lot of us who were sending good vibes!
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I am glad to hear that your poor kitty is doing better-I cannot speak for everyone else but we sure were worried and were anxious to hear from you. I wish him a speedy recovery and some peace for you-It sure is stressfull for us as owners when things don't go well-so get some rest both of you and hopefully he will recover quickly and do just great!
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I'm so glad that shelter/vet office called back, and opted to take care of the problem...and I'm doubly glad that your little fellow is doing better. I'll bet he's sore!!!

I guess what I'm wondering, is how an infection could look like that photo in your original thread...I'm no vet, but this to me is questionable. Is the "thing" gone? Hmmm...
I just wonder if you shouldn't get a second opinion elsewhere. Obviously, you're doing everything you can to help your cat, but I would NOT hesitate to take him elsewhere...particularily if the shelter/vet office is questioning it's own sterility and cleanliness in terms of treating him there. I DON'T want you to feel like this is at all a criticism of you and how you've handled the situation...you've done super!!!! I would have been in a panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents...but I would get a second opinion, just to be on the safe side.
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Oh I forgot to answer I believe it was "jen"????
The reason I was about to go on strike from shelters is because of 2 very recent experiences, if you read my past posts about Bella, That was the first one, and then this was the second..Though I must say , once I did get a hold of them, they were good this time around..
I also did say I wasnt knocking all of them, just the ones in this town.

Im not sure how common these problems are with neuters, many of you have said very few happen this way. So I am kind of unsure what to do from now on..They offer low cost spays and neuters, to any animals, feral, pets, etc..

So I could really use them, and they did help, didnt charge a dime with the second visit, or antiobiotics, etc...
So I have mixed feelings,...
Im gonna check him to see if he came home with more fleas this time though..
But being that I didnt have an issue this second time around, if I am looking for a pet, or I might foster, I will go back to this one.
The one with Bella is a different story..The issue still makes me
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Okay. I just re-read your original post, and saw that they re-did the surgery. This is a good thing. I'd just say to keep your eye on him, and we're all praying that he has a comfortable and speedy recovery. Sorry!
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Im kind of lost...with your post, and I didnt take any offense, just wanna make sure its clear...

There was the vessel that they cut, hanging out. She said when they cut it sometimes it gets absorbed back in, or Should stay in..Sometimes it slips out..
It was the vessel that was cut to do the neuter..

When he got there he had it covered in litter, etc..And it wasnt looking good, red, and infected..
So he had 2 days of antiobiotics, because it had already grown necrotic "dead"....
Then had the whole procedure redone, they cut off the dead part, and infected part..They went alittle further up then what was hanging out of him...
So his lil bum looks just like it should now...
Did I help this or make it more confusing??
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We are posting at the same time!!!!!!

But thanks again to all of you. We will get some rest..I really thought Id lose him, or that Id have an idiot vet tell me to just put him down..."only because thats been a topic here lately, I got paranoid"

I did lay with him for 2 whole days and rub his tummy, waiting for something to happen, good or bad, he wasnt holding down food, etc...
But we will see how he does tomorrow, since he cant eat tonight
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I'm glad to here it turned out all right. Maybe a link can be posted in the original thread? There are still people asking for an update there.
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I got a new thread..Thanks for the good vibes...
He's finally home and fixed...Lets just see how the recovery goes
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Originally Posted by coaster
I'm glad to here it turned out all right. Maybe a link can be posted in the original thread? There are still people asking for an update there.
Your wish is my command. *grin*
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Oh I'm so glad!!!!!!!!! I've been hoping for the little guy to be all better.

Just to reassure you... Zissou's spay was done at a low-cost clinic / shelter and was looked at by a regular vet three or four days later for an unrelated problem, and he said it was beautiful. Look for a low-cost that has enough donations and subsidized stuff to not cut any corners, rather than a place who does them low-cost because it doesn't cost them as much.
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geez you guys move fast, I cant even keep up with my own thread, and I keep repeating myself..Just so happy he's better...
This was my baby Garfield,, for all you that hadnt known..
I got my others all done before the move, he was the baby remaining..And I took strays with me also that same day. They were fine, he wasnt..So imagine how that made me feel...Lets just hope I did the right thing by both my pets, and my strays
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Phew, I understand now!!!

Very glad to hear they fixed the problem...this is exactly what they should have done, and it seems they handled it well.

Hope he feels better soon!
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I’m glad he got fix and I hope he recovers quickly.
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Thanks for the update - very relieved to see that they fixed things up.

With the corrective surgery, antibiotics, and your TLC, Garfield's sure to be up and about in no time.

P.S. I'm sure Friendly Orange Guy would want to welcome Garfield to the snipped kitties club.
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Originally Posted by gayef
*big sigh of relief* I had been waiting for an update and when it didn't come, I grew worried that the outcome may have been less than positive. So I am very relieved that your little guy is OK. Thanks for posting the update, I know there are a lot of us who were sending good vibes!
That loud gasping noise you just heard was a MAJORLY big sigh of relief coming from Florida.... I am happy as a clam that this guy got repaired.

In a week or so, when he is happy and has forgotten all about it, I'd like you to post a picture of him doing something fun. I need it to erase that "boo-boo" photo from my brain permanently!
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PlaneOfTheCats, Love your orange kitty, I was showing Andy he’s not the only one with a cute butt.
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This is to erase that nasty image out of your mind
He's back to his normal self. Like nothing ever happened. I thought maybe he'd be aggressive, almost blaming me for it..But he is more cuddly then ever. And him and Bella are inseperable. I was telling him today, if only he could work, and pay the bills, he would be all mine
Is it wrong of me to actually like my cats, more then men?? I wouldnt mind borrowing someone occassionally..But I love coming home to my kitties, and kitties only..Maybe because they dont talk or give me problems...

Anyways, just wanted to show that he was better..
by the way, Ive never in my life known a cat this nice..I call "medicine time" and he runs right in, sits down, opens his mouth, i put the pill in, message his little throat, check his mouth, and off he goes..
He's on them for a while, so thats such good news...
Anyone who was scared to neuter after this, please dont be. Although i wouldnt want to go through it again, he really is doing well..
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He is such a precious little boy, and I have to admit, I much prefer the company of my cats to men as well.

I'm so glad they were able to fix his problem. That was a very scarey and painful looking neuter, at first.
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Originally Posted by alliread

This is to erase that nasty image out of your mind
he really is doing well..

Garfield looks bright-eyed, strong, and ready to rumble!

P.S. Cande, you've inspired me to start a cutie butts thread: www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1279722
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Oh- thank you for those pics!!

I do love me an orange kitty-boy!
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wow, I just found this thread. Sure glad they were able to repair your baby. I have never heard of anything like this.

He is adorable........
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Glad he’s ok. He is gorgeous.
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I just saw this thread, what a worrying time for you, and a very sore time for your baby. He is absolutely gorgeous (Im partial to the odd ginger kitty ) I am so glad he is ok and the bit about him coming for his medication cracked me up
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