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Pictures of neuter..

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Ok, well I contacted someone at the vets, she thinks Im crazy..That she doesnt understand how something could be sticking out of him..
And I tried to explain it, and all she kept saying was are you sure its not just skin...NOOOOOO its not!!!!

So, she told me to bring him in tomorrow between 11-1...
First thing is whats best for him, and I think going somewhere now would be..He walks funny, wont sit on or near it, etc...

And second, I cant call off of this new job..SOO Im not even sure if he can get proper treatment in those 3 hrs..

So what does it look like to you guys??? the vessel that was cut right?? or am i really crazy

And should I call them back and try to demand more now?? or go to an emergency vet..which i think the closest is atleast an hr or two..

Or wait till tomorrow??
My friend said to push it back in. But...I know working in healthcare, he is at a HUGE risk right now for infection. let alone if I push it back in..
Plus for pain, and infection I wouldnt..
I feel so bad, I did this to the little guy...
My other issue is payment, I want them to fix it since they did it. What if it gets extensive going somewhere else? Plus if I have someone look at it inbetween they will say they arent responsible anymore??
Help me please..
Its like one problem after the next with these cats..The URI, then this..Then he went to get neutered flea free...Never had them, now he does, so Im sure everything in my house does too

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That does not look right to me, but I'm no expert for sure. IMO I would be taking him to an emergency vet and asking the first vet for a refund.
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Under no circumstances should you push this back in. Get your cat to the vet NOW- do not wait
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Yikes! That's not normal! I had our male kitten neutered a few months ago, and it never looked like that! I second finding and ER vet to take him to. Take some more good photos of his wound and take your regular vet a copy of the er vets diagnosis and treatment and see if you can get reimbursed. You may not depending on their policy for post-op "accidents". But then again, you may, never hurts to ask.

But he for sure needs some treatment! Good luck, let us know what they said is wrong with him.

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No, WRONG, WRONG. I would bring him back right NOW. Looks like a stitch slipped or something.. It could be a hernia. Don't touch it.
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Wow. Just wow. I have no idea what that is either, but I do know it should totally not look like that!!!! And he shouldn't be in that much pain, either. Don't push it back in.

I would be taking him in now too-- the first vet should either give you a refund or pay for it to be fixed, if it's his fault.

Basically I agree with everyone else I guess. That picture is just shocking. Is that thing sticking out of where his testicles were, or is it below that? Really nothing about it seems right.
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theres two little slits, i guess where they went in, right above the testicles..
And its coming out of one of the holes..
But the other one i took is fine,
So i dont know what the heck it is, unless maybe his holes where just too big, and like i said the vessel they cut slipped out
dont worry guys i dont even have the courage to push it back in..
Its not sanitary either

the vet is supposed to be calling me right back, not the ones that did it of course...

Im just at my wits end, Everything I try to do slaps me in my face..Im not knocking you people that work at the shelters..
but geez!!!!!
I had adopted Bella who was an absolute mess, and they told me it was my problem..Then I took these guys in for a Fix Felix day, just to try to help with the overpopulation as well as their health, and now their worse off...
I hate to say it but im done with shelters
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Take him to an emergency vet ASAP.
I don't care if they said they won't be resonsible, you get a full write up from an E-vet and push the issue.
They are most certainly at fault here.

I've seen this once before during a pig gilting, it is serious.
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It is serious if there is a 24 vet near you even if it is a drive, go there now-
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take him to the vet Now!!!!!!
My kitten is not neutered yet but he going to get neutered in a couple of weeks and I want to know what the heck is that pink thing? charlie has one
but it does not stick out like that!!!!what is that pink thing anyway?
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Looks like a slip-out. Ouch. I hope the vet can fix that without a hitch, and the one who not only sent him home with fleas but also did that should definately foot the bill for it.
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He needs to go NOW!! That could definitely keep him from urinating properly,and that could be even worse!! Poor fella....
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Yikes Poor kitty!!!!!!!1 Hope kitty is okay
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Awww man poor cat. If that vet doesn't call you right back I would really take him to an emergency vet.

Also on a side note. Why do you say you are done with shelters? You took the cat to get neutered on your own right? Did you adopt them from the shelter I assume? How is that the shelters fault?
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Originally Posted by Jen
Awww man poor cat. If that vet doesn't call you right back I would really take him to an emergency vet.

Also on a side note. Why do you say you are done with shelters? You took the cat to get neutered on your own right? Did you adopt them from the shelter I assume? How is that the shelters fault?

She seems to have taken him in to the shelter to get neutered (from what she posted about "Fix Felix Day") and now they're being a bit less than helpful with repairing the botched surgery.
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Ohh, hmm that is really too bad. I am sorry that happened but please don't rule out shelters forever! Most are much more responsible then that
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How is the poor little guy doing? I had a dream about having Zissou neutered and that happened last night (though she is a girl and was spayed months ago) and I woke up and thought of you. I can't wait to hear everything will be okay!
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will do you think you can take him to the vet now.
it is 11:02 of here.
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I rushed right in here straight from work hoping to hear good news- hope things are getting sorted out and the poor fella is ok...
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Sending prayers for this poor little boy. Hope everything goes well, and that he'll be fine.

I don't know about any of you, but if this were MY cat, I would be absolutely INFURIATED. I've personally never seen anything quite like the photo, in fact, I'd rather not see it again...it's quite upsetting to me. And the vet office that is responsible NEEDS to own up to their gruesome mistake, and be held accountable, particularly if anything truly awful or irrepairable results from the botched neuter surgery for this poor kitty. If I were the vet who performed this procedure, whose primary goal as a professional was to provide health services and medical treatment to animals, I would at least ACKNOWLEDGE that a mistake has been made, and do everything in my power to correct my mistake, or to provide some type of reciprocation to you as the pet owner of the cat I just butchered. This may be financial reciprocation, a referral to another veterinary clinic (whose services would be paid for by MY office), or follow-up phone calls to your home, to monitor the kitty's recovery after other treatment has been received. Now, this may seem unreasonable, undoable, or just unrealistic for a vet office to do...and I don't care. I personally can't see any of the above happening...but in my opinion, it needs to.

Poor kitty. I would not let this one go with the other vet's office...particularly if this ends badly for the cat. My heart goes out to you and the little one...praying for a better solution and a speedy/comfortable recovery.

Yes, kitty needs to go to an ER vet, and NOW!!!! IMMEDIATELY! Please let us know how it turns out.
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Surgical complication of some sort?

That's bound to look gruesome; it should be fixable though...I am hoping to heard back from this poster....soon I hope.
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any updates?
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It hurts just to see a picture. I was thinking of getting Andy neuter, I’m having second thoughts. Andy is an only indoor cat, so, no way, I don’t think is necessary. And he has gone through a lot; I would probably have a heart attack if something like this happens. Keep us updated, I hope he gets medical attention, and gets well soon.
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Cande, do not have second thoughts because of this. Complications from neuter surgeries are very very very rare. It is one of the simplest and most routine surgeries a vet does. Honestly, it's only slightly riskier than a human getting a vasectomy. The cats bleed very little, the surgeon does not even use stitches because the wound is so small it heals on it's own, etc. It's riskier to not have it done. Complications are possible with any surgery, but honestly in my opinion a cat neuter is about as risky as having a dental cleaning. Which is why we're all so worried about this poor kitty! Something had to have gone very wrong for this to happen!
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Poor baby, I was hoping for an update... I sure hope that he's ok.

Cande, this is pretty rare, please don't hesitate in having your cat neutered. The benefits far outweigh the risks. A neutered male is a happier & healthier cat, plus a whole male can mark urine all over your house!

Why Neuter Your Male Cats?
This is the most proactive step. Neutering is a simple surgery with a very quick recovery period. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancies, neutering a male will help mitigate certain problem behavior found in whole males, and it will help prevent certain medical conditions, too.

* Neutered cats are less likely to spray strong urine
* Neutered cats will lose the urge to fight
* Neutered cats will be less likely to try to escape
* Neutered cats will not suffer the abscesses from fighting
* Neutered cats will be less likely to contract diseases such as FeLV and FIV
* Neutered cats will not be subject to testicular cancer
* Neutered cats will not likely develop "stud tail," caused by overactive glands in the tail
* Neutered cats have a decreased risk of mammary cancer

Basically, you have every reason to neuter your male cat.
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Hopefully the member has had the cat to the vet, and the mistake has been rectified.
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Wow, I hope that poor kitty got taken to the emergency vet. That herniated tissue could go necrotic overnight, not to mention infected. I hope we'll find a good news update tomorrow morning.
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Originally Posted by Cande
It hurts just to see a picture. I was thinking of getting Andy neuter, I’m having second thoughts. Andy is an only indoor cat, so, no way, I don’t think is necessary. And he has gone through a lot; I would probably have a heart attack if something like this happens.
Cande, Don't worry - the complication that happened to alliread's cat is extremely rare. I've actually never seen anything like this in the past few years that we've been TNR'ing stray and feral cats in our town. (We do 20-30 cats a month, of which 1/3 to 1/2 are male.)

Here's a street cat who was up and fine just a few hours after he got done:
You can see how small the incisions were and how they quickly started to heal over.

We monitor the males for a day or so before releasing them - any complications will usually show up in a short period of time. Your vet's office should be able to provide an emergency contact number and a list of things to watch out for.
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I hope we get an update from Alliread.

And thank you so much everyone, I will get Andy neuter as soon as he gets well; I just got back from the vet. PlanetOfTheCats that’s a cute butt.
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Crikey- still no news??
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