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Originally Posted by jaycee
i made the assuption that they were all the same. even tho it is allowed though, not all, and possibly not any?, pet foods that contain by-products actually contain those parts.
This is why we really need to educate ourselves and not just assume things are a certain way. Sharky has done a great deal of research and I tend to lean toward her assessments.
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sometimes you have to make assumptions based on the information available
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Originally Posted by jaycee
sometimes you have to make assumptions based on the information available
Thank goodness in this day and age there are so many more tools and ways to obtain information than there were in our parents' day and we need to take advantage of these tools to better educate ourselves. I know I've received so much education on caring for cats and nutrition for our beloved felines since I came to this site and every day I learn something new. TCS is most definitely one of those learning tools and I'm glad I found it as I'm sure you are too.
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yes, i am ) so far everyone has been very friendly and helpful
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Originally Posted by jlutgendorf
Do you have a Whole Foods grocery store near you? They carry their own brand of wet cat food (and sell Wysong kibble!) that I think is decent. It's a combination of shredded and chunked. We were feeding the chicken flavor and I believe it was mostly just chicken and a gravy to act as a preservative. I'm trying to find it one their website, but I'm not having any luck yet.

Julia...I wish I did. Basically, I have a dumpy small pet store, Kmart, & Shopko. The grocery stores carry pet food, too. My options are very limited. Last night Twitch ate an entire 5 oz can of Friskies shredded Turkey & Cheese. I mixed in some Merrick wet food, too, but she basically ate around it. She has turned her nose up at both Fancy Feasts I found....barely eating any of them.

So....I am looking again at the ingredients for the two shredded foods I can find. Nature's Recipe contains pork by-products & Friskies contains meat by-products...since Friskies doesn't specify what meat the by-products came from, would it be a little better to feed the Nature's Recipe?
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A touch... but you know my feelings.. but since this is kinda a last ditch effort give it a go ...
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Have you considered ordering Innova Evo online?
I can now get it through and with the coupons that can be found for them either through google or that they send when you are a customer it usually covers most of the shipping if not all.
I bought some EVO last month to try for my guys who have been Friskies junkies for a long time and most took to the Evo pretty good.

I've often found that I can shop online and get a better quality for less money than I can find locally.
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I've serve Krizzma just Friskies wet cat food she won't eat solids at this age and its hard enough to get her to drink luquids so i think friskies is awesome because she's doing really well.

Smore isn't a fan of Fancy Feast and he kept acting like he was going to throw up after he ate it. I can get Cookie to eat some, but i mainly give them meow mix (solid) and Friskies wet canned food. Sometimes i'll blend more stuff into it for treats and such.
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I love the meow mix pouches and the new market selects so does my crew. picky girl prefers turkey & cheese friskies. infact its the only wet food she will touch, so we give it to her. I agree that Junk wet is better than No wet.
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Trudy, I bought a case of EVO wet months ago & I still have that last can. She doesn't like that, either. Sometimes I think she likes to make me crazy trying to find a food to feed her!
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I can relate to that because over the years I've had an awful time making food switches in this house.
Recently, (for whtever strange reason), my crew has seemed to be a little more amenable to diet changes, so I am trying to take advantage of it.

My pocketbook is the one doing the objecting now!

I am determined now though to try and get them al on a healthy meal plan and hopefully drop some of the weight off my one porker.

It's really a difficult thing with sometimes 11 cats in the house at once who all seem to eat normally and one piggy that wants to clean up all their dishes. *sigh*

I hope you can settle on something that is comfortable for you and Twtch. I oprobably wouldn't be always searching for a better diet is it wasn't for my sweet round Nugent.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by tru

It's really a difficult thing with sometimes 11 cats in the house at once who all seem to eat normally and one piggy that wants to clean up all their dishes. *sigh*

Good luck!
I'm glad I'm not the only one.. See I feel I have to strike a balance.. The two younger kitties would probably eat just about anything, but not that much of it. Zakk will only consistently eat food that is in a gravy... I discovered this as soon as he came home at 6 months old. As far as I can tell, Rocky will only eat friskies turkey & cheese. I don't want to just feed turkey & cheese, but I want rocky to eat wet at least sometimes.. So I feed that about 1/4th of the time and switch around friskies flavors and throw in some other brands once in awhile. If I see a new good brand I will check it out.. I was experimenting with natural life for example. The first few times they ate about 1/2 of it. Then they just gradually just starting leaving most of it. It's annoying because it is 2 to 3 times as expensive and I end up throwing out a bowl of dryed up food...
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