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What's new at the grocery store?

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Just had this idea as I sit here noshing on dinner. What new products have you tried recently? Would you give them a or a ?

I decided to try Dinner Starters by Louis Rich. This one is chicken alfredo. It includes cooked chicken pieces and an alfredo sauce that you heat up. Then you add your own pasta.

It's not the best thing I ever tasted, but it's tolerable, especially when you don't want to go through a big song and dance to get a meal ready.

Anyone else? Doesn't strictly have to be food.
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Not overly new but I love it! The Snapple Element series of drinks - Fire, Rain, etc. They all, or most of them anyway, have guarana in them. They also have unusual juices like dragonfruit (who knew there was such a thing). They are fantastic!
Here is a link to different flavours.
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they now have oreos with peanut butter/chocolate filling
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I am hooked on Funyums Cajun Style! Love em, also like the saran wrappers so easy to use just put the little hat over the bowl of food and stow it in the fridge!
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Ok so it's been out for a while but I recently tried the rice crispy treats double chocolate chunk. It was sooo good and best of all it's low in calories and fat so you can have a good chocolate fix.
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I love the new Vanilla coke!
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I love the new vanilla coke, too! Now, I wish they'd bring out Mr. Pibb in the cans!
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The Classico Sauce and Spread is really good. It comes in pesto and sun-dried tomato. It makes the best pasta salad I've ever had.
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The chocoate/peanut butter Oreos are great. Not as good as the chocolate cream, though.
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Anyone tried the new ketchups yet? They look like they might be good. I can't handle eating green ketchup though- that stuff lying on the plate would turn my stomach inside out. The new ketchups I am talking about are red and they have jalapeno and mesquite and one other flavor I can't recall. Anyone tried them yet?
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I am always buying new stuff to try. Some of my newest discoveries, although I don't think they are new to the market by any means, are:

Kashi cereals
Boca Burgers
Breakstone's cottage cheese doubles
Yoplait Whips

I try really hard to stay away from processed foods, I am not a big fan of sodium. I love the Campbells Select Soups though, and I treat myself every so often if I can!
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Guess what? My mother had those saran wrappers when I was a child! I thought they were great; I don't know why they were discontinued for so long!
I'm looking into the Nilodor system that works automatically to keep the litter box area smelling fresh. You decide how often it should spray. Some plug in; some work on D cell batteries. Several different companies make them, but Nilodor is so well known for its use in homes where there is illness, I'm waiting for them to come back in stock. They're about $40.00.
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The yoplait whip yogurts are good! I like the raspberry, key lime & peach ones! They taste a lot better than the regular ones, imo. Another good yogurt I like are the La Creme ones..... I think they are made by Dannon, but not sure. I'm sure you've seen the commercial for that one?
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On a totally different vein. . . . I recently started using the OLAY Daily Facial wash cloths. They come in a container like baby wipes. You soak one in warm water and it lathers up with a face wash stuff and you wash your face with it :bubbly: and one side is somewhat rough for an exfoliant and the other side is softer. Rinse with warm water.

It really has worked on softening my face and helping with the Rosecia (dry blotchy red areas) beside my nose and on my forehead. I discovered that 1/2 a sheet is sufficient to do my face; so, I cut them in half and I get 120 days use instead of the 60. They run about $4.50 for the container of 60, but there have been coupons for at least $1.00 off in the Sunday papers. If you don't want to have the somewhat fancy starter container; you can buy the refills at $3.00 for 60 and the coupons work on those too.
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I love the OLAY body washes, especially the revitalizing scent. It's the only body wash that keeps my skin nice and soft & not dried out!
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Another vanilla coke fan here! I also like the yoplait whipped yogurt. I really like the peach and strawberry. The peanut butter oreos sound really good.
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TLK, I love those Olay daily facials... It's the only thing so far That I've tried that helps prevent blemishes.
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Fritos has these new things called Flavor Twisters or something like that....and the cheddar and ranch ones are awesome! Very addictive!
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Hershey's has two new kisses: Extra-Creamy Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. I haven't tried the milk ones but, I keep the darks stashed behind my cash register. The other clerks argue, about who's going to give me my breaks. They know that I don't mind if they take a (very) few.
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Another Vanilla Coke fan here, too.

We tried the Teriaki Chicken Dinner Started by Louis Rich. It was OK, nothing great. We plan on getting them again, though, because it is quick and easy to make for those evening when neither of us wants to cook.

They aren't really new, but the Homestyle Bakes are great! We've tried a few, but my favorite is Country Chicken, with mashed potatoes and country gravy. They are a bit pricy, but you don't have to add any of your own ingredients. Even the meat is included in a can. Sounds kind of gross in writing, but they are really good.

Has anyone tried those Chip Ahoy (I think) Cremewiches? They are like Oreos but with chocolate chip cookies instead.
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Heidi...I haven't tried the Homestyle Bakes chicken one that you mentioned, although I did hear it was good..but don't try the Ham & Hashbrown was awful, I thought!
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