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Bollywood birthday!

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It's my birthday soon and to celebrate I am going to be throwing a Bollywood themed birthday party!

I am so excited and need you all to help me with loads of ideas!!

Your are all invited of course
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Okay, let me go get my sari...
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Great idea! That sounds like fun. I'd do lots of yummy Indian food- they've got loads of vegetarian dishes which is handy. Lots of bright colours for decorating, maybe buy some sari material to hang on the walls, but I have a feeling the nice stuff would be mucho $$. What about everyone come in Indian clothes? And you all have to suddenly break into song and do a dance number at least once during the evening.
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What a great idea! It will be a blast to get all dressed up. You should rent some Bollywood musicals beforehand, & have you and some friends memorize one of the song/dance numbers!
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Nicky after the wedding I've just been to I could design all your costumes The outfits are beautiful and if you want the real thing a lot of the girls got them off ebay instead of going to the proper shops. This was because there were FIVE separate events which meant 5 different outfits and they are pretty expensive brand new. A lot of them are only ever worn once so you wouldn't need to feel funny about getting second hand clothes.
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I looked on ebay Lauren but its still quite expensive (plus i am twice the size of most indian girls so would hardly fit me.. )

I live next to a large indian community so going to Southall to get some sari fabric and my friend is going to make us all skirts or dresses. Sort of East meets West.

Love all your ideas so far.. keep them coming!

And if anyone is going to be in Londona round aug 12th, PM me for my ad! Your all welcome!
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Your party is sooo gonna be gate crashed
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haha! By who?!
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The weirdos
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