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Does anyone feed "B.A.R.F." TO there pets? B.A.R.F.(Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) And if somedoes feed barf to there pets what do you put it on?
there food bowls or a plate? do you have to feed them kibbles or you dont have to feed them kibbles too? I am asking these questions because now
I want to feed them a raw diet.Because it is more healthier then kibbles
or canned food.

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There are quite a few members here that feed the "barf" diet. Me included.
Some feed no kibble at all, some utilize kibble to some extent.
My cats' diet consists of about 10 to 20% kibble and the majority is raw.
At feeding times, I put the raw out first. When it is completely consummed I give them a small portion of kibble, as a treat or dessert. Sounds weird, but they really enjoy it.
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I feed 100% raw diet (unless I've forgotten to defrost, in which case they get high quality canned).

I really reccomend doing your research. It's definatley worth doing, but you want to make sure you're doing it right!
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