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Different Sex's

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My cat Kandy just gave birth this morning at 2am. They came out perfectly fine, no problems during delivery, 4 baby kittens born. i need some advice on how to differentiate between sexes.
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aww congrats on the new kittys i wish i could help u but im in same boat trying to figure my kittens sex's aswell ive looked at pics and sites but every time i look at the kittens they always look different hahah nything to confuse me wouldnt be hard though lol
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Congrats on the kittens. I can't tell gender, either! Remember the pointers about keeping Momma cat inside and away from males until she can be spayed when the kittens wean, about 8-10 weeks.

What colors are the babies. Any pics?
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Well my 9 year old daughter is great at telling sexes of kittens so I asked her how she would help people know the difference and she said boys have a round ball thats easy to see and females do not. So I guess just look for a round ball and there is your answer LOL
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I know you are excited !!!! Congratulations !!! Can't wait to see pics ..... heres a link to help you sex your kittens...... good luck .....

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I could tell as soon as they were born with mine.

Here is a thread where I posted a video of my male/female babies


Hope this helps!!
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everyone thank you for the help, i've come to a conclusion that 2 are male and 2 are female. so far i've named 2 of them, Zack and Lucky, still debating on the other two.
gotta go.. kittens are calling.
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Congrats on the new babies!
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