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Dealing with the vet - vent

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I scheduled an annual physical for Freckles and a rabies shot for Bob back in March (when Bob had his annual physical) for the end of July. I called the vet last week to add a nail trim. They didn't have Bob's shot scheduled! I was told no problem, bring them both in. I got the confirmation call today, and Bob was still not scheduled! I pulled the card out of my wallet showing both of them listed for the visit (made last March) but since Bob was getting a rabies shot he'd need a separate office visit and I'll have to bring him back later that day. I'm not happy with this! I know it was an oversight. I even stopped in the office today (on my way to visit my parents) to make sure they both had appointments for the right things. I even showed the appointment card. I don't want to be one of those trouble clients - I just want what I thought the vet and I agreed upon.
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If it was my office, we would have accepted it as our fault and let you be seen that day.
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Yea, the office I go to, they don't have a problem seeing 2 cats. In fact I took Luna in for a swollen anal gland the same day & time that Whitey got his vacs and rabies shots.
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The appointments were for today. The vet told me that if I had talked to him instead of the receptionist he would have had no problem seeing them at the same time. They didn't charge me an office visit for Bob - just for the rabies shot. And again I got reminded why I prefer morning appointments - I had to wait over 30 minutes with a stressed out Bob due to an emergency. With Freckles this morning I was in and out on time.
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could you take them to defferent vets?
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The vet they see in this office is good with them, especially since Bob has asthma. It was a simple mixup that just snowballed. The good thing is (barring an emergency) I don't have to bring either cat back until next spring.
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oh....ok..... it seems to be a nice vet.
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My vet actually gives multiple cat discounts if done n same day we get 10-20% off we did 2 neuters on same day got 20% off 10% for shots ect.
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they are really nice!!!!!!!!
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