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Lissy is gone.

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Well, my little rat Lissy has just died. She was very old and had been getting weaker.
I just checked on her a few minutes ago and I couldn't see her breathing. Her body twitched one last time and that was it.

She looks like she was sleeping when it happened. Or at least not conscious anymore.

Goodbye Lissy. I'll miss you.

She was my last rat and I don't think I'll be getting any more in the near future. So I'll contact the local rodent rescue and offer them Lissy's cage.
If I miss having small pets around, I'll foster for them instead.

(I'll post pictures of Lissy if I can find them...)
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I'm sorry for your loss I hope that when it is time for my kids rats to cross over they can go that peacefully.
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Aw, how sad, I'm so sorry. Rats are such funny little creatures, I'm sure you got a lot of joy from her. RIP little sweetie!
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Aww. RIP Lissy......
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Rest in peace Lissy, in rat heaven.
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Condolences on your loss, Marie. May she rest in peace!
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I'm sorry about your loss.
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Rest in peace, Lissy, and enjoy being healthy again!
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Marie, I'm so very sorry you lost your little Lissy. She lived such a wonderful life and couldn't have had a better Mommy. You must miss her terribly. How kind of you to offer her cage to your local rescue group as you consider possibly fostering for them in the future, this is just what Lissy would want. We really look forward to seeing her special photos
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Marie i'm so sorry Lissy will be having a great time over the bridge now
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