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American Idol....Where are they now?

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I think the '06 Idols are on tour right now and maybe they have to wait until that's over before they get on with their careers, but has anyone heard what's in their futures? Any good prospects? And whatever happened to Ruben Studdard? We've heard more from Clay Aiken than from him since he won. I didn't see the first year of Idol, but started watching in in the middle of the second year and had Ruben pegged to win straightaway. The song he came out with after that was ok, but I haven't heard anything from him since. Anyone have the scoop on any of them? (Namely
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Taylor Hicks has made a Ford commercial that is SO overplayed, I want to scream every time I see it!!!!!!!!!
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Chris got an offer to be lead vocal for a rock band, but he turned it down.

The only one I hear abut right now is Katherine.. and I change the channel whenever Taylors commercial comes on. I didn't even want him to win.
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I'm curious to hear what happened to Elliott, he was such a sweet guy, I hope that he does well with his career.
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Chris Daughtry

He signed a record deal a few weeks ago and I am counting the days until his album release later this year.

I still think he got shafted and should have won!!
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Originally Posted by Crys12065
Chris Daughtry I still think he got shafted and should have won!!

I can't wait either!
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Isn't Kelly Clarkson one of the American Idols? I think she is. Her career is going gangbusters. Personally, she's the only American Idol person that in my opinion has real talent, and what it takes to be a suprstar.
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Yes she is. I do know of her career, although I can't say as I like her music much.
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I have to say I bought kellys album, and I love it! usually I find there's a couple of good songs on an album and that's about it, but I love it all so it gets a big thumbs up for me.
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It seems like Kelly Clarkson is the only AI that's actually 'popular' now.
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Thats interesting, she must be the only idol thats made it world wide :P
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We had a guy that won the UK one once, he did so bad I can't even remember his name
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I heard that Chris got a record deal, and so did Kelly - that Taylor commercial drives me absolutely insane, I change the channel everytime it comes on.
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Kelly has made a name for herself outside of AI, so she really has "made it".

Ruben's albums haven't done very well overall. Clay, on the other hand, has really made quite a name for himself. I personally think he's the next Barry Manilow.

Fantasia's albums have done OK on the hip-hop scene, but not enough to call her a superstar. If you aren't into the hip-hop/R&B scene she's disappeared.

Carrie Underwood is doing very well in the Country music scene. I hear her song(s) a lot on the radio and on the Sirius Country station. But again, if you aren't into that scene she's all but disappeared.

As for non-winners besides Clay, Josh Grayson who was a 3rd or 4th place finisher (the Marine ) is doing pretty well in the Country scene. Not gangbusters, but I don't think he'll be dropped from his label anytime soon. Bo Bice released his album earlier this year and it did OK - not great, but not horrible. I just don't know where exactly his music would be played (i.e. what radio format) which could hinder his career.
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I bought Bo Bice's CD it's not as hard rock as he did on Idol-I hear one song of his quite a bit. Kelly Pichler's album is due out in November.
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Originally Posted by GailC
Kelly Pichler's album is due out in November.
That's one album I won't be buying!
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