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My last name is herbrew- Kivel (the i is short in it)- i hate it!!!! Everyone always screws up the pronucniation-it never fails! My boyfriend's last name is Green so if we get married, I can't wait to take his name and have a normal one I'll be thrilled to dictch my last name in exchange for his
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I went from a very easy last name to a very hard last name when I took my husband's. My real first name (Jenica) is unconventional too, so now I just really confuse people!
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My maiden name was Thomas and nobody messed that up. I used it, for several years, between husbands. Since my divorce from "Robinson", I've gone back to using my late husband's name (I LIKED him). Its unusual, German-Jewish and I LIKE being different. Of course, nobody, who reads it can pronounce it and, if they hear it, they can't spell it
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