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Monday DT

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After a 3-day weekend, I don't want to go back to work. I have to close, tonight and I won't see Bill, at all today. Rowdy is in one of her moods, today. Bill had to get the squirt bottle, before he left and I've had to spritz her a couple times. She's been shredding magazines and climbing the drapes. Try to have a good week.
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Its weird being back at work after a 3-day weekend. Its really slow today for some reason, but I'm not complaining. Today is only a 3 day week, since we are closed on Thurs and Fri. I went shopping over the weekend and picked up some new clothes for work. (jean skirt, dress, some tops and skirts) I'm working on my homework that is due tomorrow. I have to write 10 paragraphs about 10 good and bad communication experiences that I had. (for speech class) Have a good day everyone. Does anyone have plans for the 4th of July?
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Back to the grind for me too. We are breaking records for consecutive days over 90 degrees. Not the record I would like to break, but they didn't ask me!

Went and saw The Powerpuff Girls Movie this weekend with preview passes. It was good, if you like PPG. It was only a little over an hour long, which would be good for little ones. It is basically the story of how they were created (which stays true to the original episode from Cartoon Network), and how the people of Townsville hated them and their superpowers, until.... Definitely thumbs up from me!

Ophelia was in heat this weekend and VERY loud. We have to save up that money for her spaying quick! Poor Trent just didn't know what to make of her. He doesn't deal well with any kind of change, and this really stressed him out. He was into everything and being very naughty, which is not like him at all. He even bit me! Not that hard, but still.

No plans for the 4th yet. Maybe just stay home...that might be a nice change of pace.
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My friend took Coco back today. I was a little sad but at the same time relieved. She was wearing down Scooby's nerves and kept jumping on poor Natala and I know it was killing her back(She has severe arthritis in her spine). Plus the cats weren't very fond of her except Sampson.

My friend is working on posting flyers of her around at pet shops and I'm going to put an ad up on Petfinder.com about her. She's a really good girl though, active but good.

Now I'm just waiting to go pick my car up. I'm so excited but I'm anxious to run errands that I haven't been able to since I've been stuck home. We have practically no food in the house and I'm hungry!!

Cindy, you just reminded me of something I needed to pick up while I am out... A squirt gun!! Brian's grandmother just got a Min Pin(A 5 pound dog that looks like a Doberman) and it's a little terror. I think I'll pick her up a little spray bottle so she won't have to get up and make Hanna stop doing something. I normally don't like using spray bottle on dogs but in her case I think it's better.

I don't have anything planned for the 4th but our roommate suggested we get together and do something... Maybe a cook out?

Heidi, Okeefecl had posted a site that had information on low cost spay and neuter clinics and it has a couple in your area. Low cost spay and neuter clinics
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I had a wonderful wake-up call at 5.30am - yes a.m., as the phone was ringing downstairs - the caller was very persistent, so dragged myself out of the dream state to answer the call, thinking something nasty had happened to a family member.

No, it was a wrong number. I was very polite, considering what I could of said.

And it has been cold and wet all day here.
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Very hot and humid here 35 Celcius, but 44 Celcius with the humidex. That is the equiv of 95 F with humidity of 111F. A heat a smog advisory is in affect. Let us just say that the heat is causing a stink with the garbage strike! Not much up here on Canada Day - I have been watching some of the coverage from the Capital with Catriona LeMay Doan (Olymipic Gold Medalist) and Graeme Greene (Native Canadian actor who was in Dances With Wolves) hosting. It was preety good with musical and political guests. I am doing some house work and I finally go Excalibur to sit still for some brushing (which he needed desperately! Normally he hates brushes, but I think he was just too tires to go anywhere. You wouldn't believe the amount of fur that came off of him.
Tomorrow night I go for my 2nd hypnotherapist session - I am looking forward to it. Believe it or not, my hubby has also agreed to go. We could both stand to get rid of some weight!
I hope everyone is having a good day.
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Its very hot here to the point where I find myself dosing off. Anbd feeling drowsy! I'v been carrying around water to keep me hydrated. I have no plans to go anywhere on Thursday. I don't want to be anywhre except maybe the fireworks.

Have a great day!
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