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Cat's foot swelling

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can anyone help..my cats foot keeps growing then a day later going back to normal..*confused*
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Do you mean his foot is swelling??
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kinda yes..but happens every say 2 to 3 weeks
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Perhaps its an allergy or he's getting bit by something. I would take him to the vet. If its not swolen when you take him, perhaps you have a picture of what it looks like when swolen so that the vet can get a good idea of what's going on.

A more knowledgable person will be along soon I'm sure.
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To answer you question though, it sounds like your cat needs an immediate trip to a vet to me. Ring your regular vet and see if they will give you an emergency appointment - make sure to detail exactly what's been going on and then let them decide if it must be dealt with immediately or if it can wait til monday morning.

Please let us know how it goes.
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Is he playing with the bees? Tolly got stung about 4 times last year and the bit that got stung swelled for a while. He seems to have been more careful this summer.
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thanks for your mail..ive noticed we have had alot of ants this summer..im keeping my eye on her now..
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I agree that it could be bee/wasp stings! Molly has had a 'fat foot' on a couple of occasions!

Keep an eye on her while she's outside and see if she's catching anything!
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I've got a 1 year old Himylayan that is on her 4th swollen paw. They swell for about 2 weeks then heal for a week and then it moves to the next paw, the vets think it insect bites but now being on the 4th and final paw I really dont think so being they are inside cats. I've gone to 2 vets and neither really have an idea whats going on, they just keep giving antibiotics. I'm hoping this is over. If you should find whats going on please post (especially if it moves to the other paws like mine did). Oh yea we did a full blood workup and nothing abnormal found. Good luck
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well i have five cats and two of them seem to be getting it now..seems strange how the other three are not..*maybe the others are scared of ants*lol..but i keep reading up on differant things about cats so if i get an answer soon ill let you know
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