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Subdued, limping kitten

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We recently got a little female kitten, and called her Milly. She is so small and sweet!

Anyway, she's just over 8 weeks old, and just before we got her, she had been de-flead and de-wormed. A few days after we got her, we took her to the vets for her vaccinations. She had flu, entiritis and lukaemia. Other than being a little on the skinny side, the vet said she was in perfect health, and that she may also be a little subdued in the evening.

So I got her home, and she pretty much made a be-line for her bed, and slept for most of the night, which is unusual, but the vet had metioned it so we thought nothing of it.

The next day, she had developed a limp, and was still very subdued. We are now into day three following the jabs (Sunday so we can't go to the vets until tomorrow) and she is so subdued. She just sleeps and lies down all day. When she used to be so playful! She is also quite unsteady on her feet, and seems a little confused sometimes.

Its breaking my heart to see her like this, when she was so full of beans when we first got her.

Has anybody else had a similar experience wih a happy ending?

Thanks in advance :-)
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IMO three days is too long for after effects from a vaccination, especially with a change in personality and continued limping.
I would certainly call them first thing AM and ask about it, and be prepared to take her in.
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I would call the vets just as soon as they open. The limping maybe due to where they put the shots.I'm sure this sleeping and being so underactive is being caused by the shots. Persoanally I never let the vets give more then 1 type of shot at a time. I prefer to space them out just to avoid a bad reaction.
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I second the other posters' advice - your baby needs to go back to the vet first thing in the morning; this is not usual. In the mean time, just keep her comfortable.

Good luck, I'm sorry you are both going through this.

Please let us know how it goes.
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Taking her back to the vet in the morning is a good idea. In th meantime, make sure she is eating and drinking so she doesn't end up with further problems from dehydration, etc.
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Thanks everyone, it's good news! We took her to the vet on Monday, but in the morning she was already showing signs of improvement. The vet gave her a thorough examination, and said the shots knocked her for 6 but other than that she was fine. Her limp was also going, but the vet thought it was due to her jumping off something rather than the shots.

The next day she is now completely back to normal, rushing around the room, purring and enjoying her food! We are delighted. Thanks for all your advice.
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That is great news!

Good for her, and for you guys.

I hope you stick around TCS - it's a great place to learn with a lot of good people here.
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