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Have you had any weird dreams lately?

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I did! Last night I had a dream about TCS! You know you're addicted when...
Anyway, in my dream one of the mods (I think it was Karen) wrote a newspaper article that was on the front page of my city's newspaper. Then I logged onto TCS and posted a thread about it.
After that one I woke up and fell back asleep, and this dream was about tornadoes. I probably dreamt about tornadoes after reading KittyLova's thread with tornado pics. I took shelter in a doghouse.

One of my weirdest dreams was that I was driving down a street at night and looked up to see Queen Elizabeth II eating the moon!

What are some of your weird dreams?
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I have weird dreams every night!! I'm about to go to bed, so I'll let you know tomorrow morning
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i dreamt about a few people on TCS before and i even posted about it, they sure do think im weird or lets say SUPER ADDICTED!

Yesterdays dream was really weird...
I dreamt i was on the train and the control people came on, and checked my ticket, they told me it wasnt valid! so i skitzed it because i just bought it a few days before that! They started laughing, and told me i had to pay the fine! so I told them id take them to court! and they just wouldnt stop laughing at my ticket!
Needless when i woke up i had to check if the ticket was still even in my wallet!
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I had another weird dream last night that my kitty met lookingglass's cats and they became friends. I think I go on TCS too much.
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the last dream i can remember was a couple of days ago,
I went and payed cash for a boat(47 million) and i went to sail to indoenisa with heyu(my cat) but we got lost on the way.........

and i could hear on the radio a women's voice saying dont leave me alone

in the dream the boat worked like a air plane ,, hehe i dont think they really work that way
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oo last night i had a dream i was organising a night with everyone and was at a water park then suddenly ended up in this room where i bouht i cup of water with cling film over it then i found out i was on a ferry and big waves where coming so i went to the front with my friend and this big waves kept coming
and soaking the boat but people just walked round like normal and then this one came from behind and i fell off the boat
and jumped back on but this other girl couldnt get on and then we ended up in france :|
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Last night I dreamed I opened a restaurant (which I never want to do) and i was working there as a server and my ex and his girlfriend came in. I started dumping mashed potatos all over him and screaming at him how dare he come to my restaurant! Than I went outside (it was ona beach) and got a call on my cell to go down to the water. I went down and there were Piranahs(spelling) in the water. bunches of them!! Yes i know I am weird!!
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At the weekend I dreamt that Mark fell out with his friends and started hanging around with a bad croud, and started smoking and wearing different clothes. When I saw him in a shop with his new friends I asked him what he was playing at and he started swearing at me and trying to act all big in front of his 'cool friends' I was so annoyed at him. Even when I woke up I told him I was annoyed with him and not to treat me like that in my dreams.
He said that during that same night I had woken him up and asked him 'Did you win the beef competition?' and when he asked me what I was talking about I said 'Oh for gods sake forget it' and rolled over.
Me thinks I am slightly insane...
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last week I had a dream that I was a student teacher in my old elementary school and was sitting in one of those desks that have the chair and desk-top attached, except it was for elementary school kids so it was a bit of a tight fit I was daydreaming and looked at the wall and there was this giant bug and I was like "what the heck is that??!!" and it jumped off the wall and flew at me and I couldn't out of the desk (tight fit rememeber?) and fell on the floor and the "bug" was still on me, but when I looked down it had turned into a hedgehog and was on my hand so I shook my hand to get it off.... Ismene turned out to be sleeping right on my hand at the moment, I don't think she appreciated that wake up call
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Its funny I saw this thread today. I go through spells of wierd dreams. Last night I drempt I was on the Carolina Hurricanes even though I was short (the thought that I was female didn't cross my mind). It wasn't a normal hockey game though... If I went into the details people would think I was psycho.

Then the next dream I had I was in some kind of lifetime movie where my husband (not the one I have now!) was trying to blow up my house.

Can you tell I've been stressed out?

The one good dream I had was my kittens opened their eyes.

I did one time have a dream that was sparked by something I read on here. I can't remember what it was about though...
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Originally Posted by Pombina View Post
Even when I woke up I told him I was annoyed with him and not to treat me like that in my dreams.
Oooh I've had dreams like that...where you feel left with such a strong feeling about someone you know. I've had those towards my husband and I was so bothered by it that it would take a while for him to comfort me and promising he would never actually do that, for me to get over it. Luckily I haven't had one in a long time.
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