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I think its almost time!!!!!

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I went into clean her litter box and there was a fresh loose poo with a hint of blood. From what I have been reading on here this looks like an early I right??? I haven't gotten her out from under the bed yet. I'm going to go in there and "pretend to go to bed" so she will come out for our nightly ritual of petting. Stay tuned and think babies!!!!!!
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ok so I got her out from under the bed and was loving on her for a bit. She is shedding like crazy and tail was twitching lots too. I think she had a contraction while I was holding her. Her tummy got pretty tight, and babies were easy to feel. Does this sound like it could be time???
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She's having contractions every 5 minutes and they are lasting about 2-3 minutes each. She does not want me to stop petting her in between Then when they start you can see it in her eyes, she pulls away and lays down....what a proud momma I am. Oh and she is purring the whole time. Wonder how much longer it will be....I'm afraid to go to bed. I want to be there
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Ok so no babies yet....i was up like 3 times last night checking on her.
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Oooh yeah! That's what I had to do to MaxSheba yesterday! She will seem like she is searching for a bed to get under but you have to block it all off and sort of force her into a safe place. IT'S ALMOST TIME!!
Oooh and don't worry. MaxSheba was having contractions when I got up that morning and I didn't even realize it, like I said b4 I thought they were hiccups, lol and I worked until almost five so for a good 8 or 9 hours she was contracting and I didn't know it! So there's no telling how LONG she had really been in labor. Just keep an eye on her.
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I'm so happy for you! Mine is really playful this morning--go figure! One of the cats did throw up last night but I don't know which one, we have 3. Spots is active this morning, instead of just laying around....

Well keep us updated on the lkitties!
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mows-Don't be discouraged. I waited on all the signs that she was going into labor. I was waiting on her to stop playing, stop eating...PLEASE She didn't get really mellow until an hour or so before birth, lol
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I thought for sure it was gonna happen in the wee hours of this morning. Everytime I went in to check on her she is just sitting in her box and giveing me this cute look like "What mom"??
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Yeah, that's the cutest look, but it never fails when you least expect it here come babies, lol and I definetly LEAST expected. So she nows what you want, I just think they PURPOSELY WAIT until the KNOW we don't suspect a thing
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Yeah I think so too.... I just got back from the store and gave her her own personal fan in the bathroom. Hopefully that will help to keep the room cooler. Its supposed to be in the mid 90's today
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Everyone is talking about the heat, and it's hot here too, but we have a swamp cooler. Doesn't make it COLD in here but it does help! When the babies are born, should I turn the cooler off so that the room warms up? In the middle of the day when it's REALLY hot it moves the air around, rather then cool it much.
Unfortunately we cannot close the vents off in the rooms....
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I would actually keep the room as is...Momma cat will keep her kittos warm on her own, and you want her to be comfy too.

And yes, I do believe we're going to have babies in the next day or so. The spots of blood can show up even 2 days before delivery, so you may have a teeny bit more time yet...not much more at all, though!
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WOW! She would wait until the hottest time to go into labor, lol well here's hoping that maybe today is the day!
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Any babies yet??
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Nothing here....
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Nope me neither
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